Monday, August 31, 2009


Whew...didn't mean to blog vacation so long. I'm still here in Louisiana, getting caught up with some visiting I've been putting off for decades. You know, it's weird how your high school buddies sure look different than they did 45 years ago. I'm just glad I haven't changed much. :-)

This is just a short test blog. I'll be back tomorrow with a bigger blog with neat stuff and what not.

BUT..... The next Windows to the Words Challenge is CATS. Yup, Cats. The Lords of the Manor, The royalty of the household. The main reason they invented kitty litter. What a subject for painting...I'm getting furballs just thinking about it.

So I found this video (Actually, my buddy, Ron Fenley, sent it to me. One of Ron's hobbies is collecting funny and oddball Internet stuff, so you''ll be seeing "Fenley Fingerprints" on quite a few of my blogs) and hope I have enough sense to blog it correctly. It's about a cat and a fawn. It is priceless. If it doesn't brighten your day and give you the "warm fuzzies", then YOU need that vacation.

So punch it...enjoy...and tune in tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Break "JUST FOR FUN" Blog

Special Note!!!! Post a comment on this blog, and you will be entered for a drawing on Labor Day for a 5 x 7 acrylic HUMMINGBIRD original me and signed by me. Worth millions, probably. Or it could make a nice coffee coaster.

Well, I was supposed to post this blog on Tuesday, and here it is Thursday. "What a bozo", you may sa
y, but I have a good excuse...

It's all this new cell phones, and TV remotes, and coffee makers. And COMPUTERS. I deleted the Internet. But I got it back. And here is a "Just for Fun" Blog I hope you'll enjoy. I'm going to take a week off and go fishing, so I thought I'd leave ya with a laugh.

First off, Windows to the Words just fi
nished a month of Dog Paintings. Here are some dog photos I didn't use.....

David and Goliath

You should see this fellow chase rabbits....

This is Tweedles cousin. He's not being attacked...the Lab just has incredibly bad breath.

You've heard of STRETCH Limousines, but how about....... ?

You are getting sleepy...verrry sleeeeepy............

Pokey and TacoBelle don't much like going to the Veterinarian, but this guy's got vetaphobia in the worst way.


"AT EASE !!!"

Look C
In last month's dog challenge on WTTW, Tweedles was the paws down favorite. Now here's another rendition, but it's not paint. IT'S OVER 600 DOG PHOTOS !!! No Woofin.

This one blows my mind. Looks like some camels in the desert, right? Nope...what it is, is camel SHADOWS in the desert!!! The camels are those little white lines. This photo was taken from directly overhead.

Another mind-blower!!! Above is a photo of the shoreline of a lake somewhere in the far East. There is only one day of the year when the sun is correctly shining on the rocks to produce this effect. The effect is shown below when you turn the photo vertical.

Fantastic, Huh?

Above are two photos of a very big saw. Can't say for sure, but I've heard it rumored that the government just bought it to cut the Federal deficit. I don't think it's big enough.

Although the federal deficit may be big, these two photos may put things into perspective. Might even be a bit humbling. Above is a photo of our sure to notice the little black specks on the left center.

Here's a close-up of those specks....the Shuttle and the Space Station. And remember...there's 93,000,000 miles between the Space Station and the Sun.

Now what "Summertime. Just For Fun" Blog would be complete without a few pokes as us Texas folks....So here we go:

Typical Texas Car Wash

Normally Texans don't have any problems with finding a place to Barbecue. However...when that happens.... Well, as Hank Williams, Jr said, "A country boy will survive"..or at least improvise.

Texas does take pride in its highways. Roadkill? Roadkill?

I didn't see no shtinkin' Roadkill!

Texans usually don't have any horseshoe shortages, either. But, if for want of a shoe....They can be very inventive.

I've told ya about all the hummingbirds I've got around The Shack. I've even started painting a bunch of em. I've wondered how they could maneuver and zip around so skillfully, So I got out my good camera to get some close-up photos. And, well, you won't believe this.....

This Fourth of July, a contractor in Houston, I think, hung a big American flag between two crane uprights, not knowing what effect the sunlight would have, shining through the flag. Well, some say that they're trying take God totally out of our country...but the Light will come shining through.

And Finally......

And finally...Take time to Care...And to Share...
And Maybe even a hug.

Many Thanks to..

Shangrala Family Fun

Take Care. Stay Cool. Keep The Faith
See Ya in A Week