Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Michelle Burnette's Challenge for the year end for Following the Masters is to paint your favorite master artist of the past, inspiring me to render great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great,great, great, great, great, great. great. great, great. great grandfather... GROG PARKER!!!

Now, many of you may wonder how I knew about Grog. Well, my brother, Burney, was a marvelous geneaologist (and so much more)...and he was very, very thorough about our family history. So I'm working from some stone etchings he made. Pictured beside him is his small pet house dinosaur, Alfalfa. The little dinos were around then, but all the big dinosaurs had bought the farm and were way underground making fossil fuel for Dubai and Bahrain.

Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge from dat big old sweetie and world-renowned figurative artist, KARIN JURICK. Karin has a year-end challenge comprised of participating artists exchanging reference photos and doing portraits of each other. What fun! What challenge!! What torture!!!
I sent in the reference photo below,and below it is the portrait that artist NANCY BLUM rendered from it.....

Nancy is a very talented portrait and figurative artist, and my portrait, I will assume, looks much like me, because, long ago, I came to the stark realization that I am no Robert Redford or Brad Pitt. However, when I did see my portrait posted on DSFDF, I took several Excedrin, 3 Sudafed, a bottle of Jack Daniel's and made a doctor's appointment.

I received Nancy Blum's photo from Karin, and, as the rules go, I had no idea whatsoever who I was painting. I
went back to a few challenges and explored and dug around trying to get an ID by referring to blog profile photos (turns out Nancy doesn't have one) to have a better idea who I was gonna immortalize (or mortify) in acrylics. So here is the reference photo and my effort beneath it....

One further note on this year-end challenge....there were 180 artists participating, and the artwork displayed so far is so incredibly talented it's awesome. But, in the midstof this marvelous art emerges two portraits that extend far beyond phenomenal....and that is the exchanged portraits of Edward Burton and Akiko Watanabe. They are simply breath-taking. Please take time to check em out. Click on their names and Click Different Strokes From Different Folks.

Now, for a bit of fun....

Many of you may not know it, but Santa Claus and I are best buddies. He and I have closed up the bars in Nova Scotia many nights (which is quite an accomplishment with those 2 month nights). Anyway, he sent me some interesting photos and breaking news from the North Pole.

Last year, Santa brought a few penguins up to the North Pole, after seeing the movie, and thinking they were real cute. Turns out, they are pesky little practical jokers. As if the polar bears didn't have enough to worry about with global warming, they have to put up with "pranky penguins".
On a sad note, one of the apprentice "Delivery Santas" that was being trained by the big guy himself, failed to heed Santa's warning about looking both ways twice over O'Hare. May he rest in pieces.

The tragic loss of his apprentice left Santa in a big labor crunch, so he had to enlist the aid of his sweet significant other, Ms. Claus. However, it's not too clear how well that's working out. If your presents are a bit late this year,,,,what the hey....blame it on the Post Office!

Special Note...After years of collecting the funniest, most inspiring, weirdest, most awesome stuff there is, I finally found a place to put it..WINDOWS OF WONDERS (WOW). Please take a moment to check it's Mind-Bloggling! Click HERE

Next blog is about the Gallery and Studio....but, from the bottom of my heart....have a joyous and meaningful Christmas. Cya down the road...James

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've been away from the blog for 2 weeks...and I was close to pulling my hair out (And I don't have any to spare). But YIPPEE-HI-YAY, I do think that things are kinda coming together for a semi reasonable and organized existence. I have opened a gallery, studio and gift shop in Burnet, Texas. I'll have pictures and details on the next blog. Best of all. I have a great place to work and blog with excellent and continuous Internet service. I was so limited to access before now, that I seriously neglected (and missed) blog visiting. Now, I'll be making the rounds frequently. And Pokey and TacoBelle approve of the situation.

First, Windows to the Words had f
ew contributors last month, but the submissions that did come in were very nice. Below is my effort, titled
"Two's Company...Three's Painful"

This month's challenge consists of 2 Christmas reference photos to choose from, or...submit a artwork of the present you'd like to get for this Christmas.

Next, I've been working on an patio mural, a trip-tych, and some smaller works like the one below...

As hard as it is to believe..... Christmas is next week!!!!

Sadly, some pig-headed Grinch in the next county was playing tricks in the local cemetery, and really upset this little fellow.

Also, Christmas time is not immune to the occasional mugging...even in the oddest situations, such as....

I did manage to get my place decorated, tho....that's me on the right.

My neighbors weren't so fortunate with their decorations...they had to take them down. See below....

This fake "eave-dropper" caused 3 accidents and 2 dozen frantic calls to 911 before he was removed.

And the friendly policeman told this homeowner that he hadn't ever heard of the "Brussells Boy" fountain statue.

And, finally....If ya find time...check out my new "FUN BLOG" ...Windows of Wonders....WOW...guaranteed to provide humor, awe and inspiration or double your money back. Just click HERE. Below is a sample from the "Pictures in Pictures" post on WOW. Find the hidden picture.

CYA Down the Road...James

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thansgiving..and a Peek at WOW

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late). I hope everyone had a delightful visit with loved ones...and enough good food to make Alka Seltzer's stock double.

I have several painting projects I'm w
orking on, but they'll wait to the next blog. This blog's just for smiles. So here's a few Thanksgiving shots:

As if I had no sense at all....I recently started a new blog called Windows Of Wonders. It's all for fun and amazement. You will find an eclectic assortment of blogs from the hilarious to the inspiring to the amazing. For instance, many of us will begin our holiday shopping..some of it at Wal-Mart. I just posted a selection of Wal-Mart shoppers caught on BE WARNED!!!

Here's one...there's more on WOW. (Click HERE)

I also posted a blog on true meanings of words. It is very moving, and worth checking out. Pictures can convey the meaning of a word sometimes, better than words can.COMPASSION

...more on WOW (click HERE)

Cya in a few days...take care.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow, DSFDF and FAT

The topic for this month's challenge from Michelle Burnett's Following the Masters was to paint in the style of Van Gogh. So I redid one of his self-portraits and named it "Ear Today...Gone Tomorrow. This is it below.

Karin Jurick's challenge for Different Strokes From Different Folks was an overhead shot of three people scurrying through an airport. I always like to put a little humorous twist in my submissions, but this one was a booger to come up with anything. It had me beating my head against the wall. Wall? Hmmmm, Wall....that's it!!..WALDO.!!!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I have a tendency to overeat. I'm already quite a few pounds this Thanksgiving I posted these 2 photos on my refrigerator door....
The hefty gentleman at the top is shopping at Wal-Mart. The photo is from a new blog feature I've started....Windows of Wonders WOW. I'll be plugging this more in future blogs, but WOW is strictly for fun and amazement. I have a collection of 1000's of humorous, fascinating and unbelievable stuff. There's a bunch of folks who send me off-the-wall stuff and I love to pass it along. Ed Burton is one who sends me absolutely hilarious stuff. I'll be adding more and more to WOW, so you're sure to find something to suit ya. Check it out by clicking HERE

And....less than 2 weeks remain for the "
Giving Thanks" challenge for Windows to the Words.

Hm-m-m-m,,,,I had this one sent in to me, and I felt, at first, that it was just too tasteless to publish. But, what the heck, I never was known for my good taste. However, I never will eat pumpkin pie in the right frame of mind again.

Cya down the road.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day from EPTAS, and FLOWERS

Veteran's day was November 11, so naturally I'm running a day late and posting this on November 12. Duh. Several days ago on Every Photo Tells A Story, Nancy posted a painting by San Diego Artist Brooke Olivares entititled "Papa". Many of you know that I contribute poetry to this marvelous site daily...actually, I think I like to write as much as paint...and I have presented it here....

"Oh Daddy...I Love You...Hug Me"

Before you left, I'd never heard, of Iraq or Afghanistan,
But by Momma's worried look, I soon learned to understand,
That you are somewhere far off, your life in constant danger,
From people who don't know them, a total stranger.

They don't know your inner kindness. How warm your hug can be,
Your tender words of wisdom, and how much you mean to me.
To see how others kill and m
aim, without a second thought,
Their brothers...all God's children. It truly breaks my heart.

But now you've been returned to us, from your duty in Iraq,
I hold you, oh, so close to me. "My Daddy...Welcome Back!"

Be sure to visit Every Photo Tells A Story, and Brooke Olivares website and blog.

The first submission for Windows to the Words November challenge is this delightful watercolor pencil from Elena Malec. For being first, I'll put in a good word to Santa for her. This month's challenge is "Giving Thanks" with 5 thought provoking reference photos to choose from. You can check em out by clicking HERE

I recently received a commission to paint a series of 5x7 flowers. Below are a few of them. Painting flowers is fun. I may have to do some more of these.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going Ape for DSFDF...More Spooks...Superior Scribbler

This is my submission for Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different rooftops.

Maybe it's just me, but I like happy endings. If I had directed Titanic, the ship would have hit the iceberg just badly enough to chip up enough ice for everybody to have another round of Margaritas, then sailed happily and safely off to Tahiti. If I had directed King Kong...well...the picture tells the story.

Tweedles honored me with the Superior Scribbler Award. I have been scribbling since I was 2, and haven't broken the habit yet. Aside from scribbling, I do a lot of scrabbling, too. That is, playing Scrabble on the International Scrabble Club. Thank you, Tweedles.

And, here is another submission from me for Scary Stuff for October's Scary Stuff Challenge. Had a number of really neat artworks that you can check out by clicking HERE.

I've been working on several large projects which have eaten up a lot of time and rather frayed my last nerve. Coupla more days, and I should be able to wind them up...I'll show em to you then, but for now I just have to blog and boogie.

Happy Halloween and see ya down the road.....James

Friday, October 23, 2009

Spooky Stuff...AND...Georgetown, Texas Art Show

Windows to the Words "Scary Stuff" is underway...and I'll make it a habit to post the first entry here on JPA. All the way from Capetown, South Africa...Liz Pearson. And .., one by me.

Liz Pearson

"Your Pizza's Here"
James Parker


This past weekend, October 17-18, Georgetown had a marvelous art show under gorgeous blue skies and perfectm temps. Over 150 artists participated and I thought I'd introduce some old Texas artist friends and new ones...and a couple of Out-of-Staters.
Click their nam
e to visit their site.

Teri Jo McReynolds

Teri is pictured on the left with some escapee from the retirement home. She is from San Antonio. teaches art, is a fan of San Miguel, Mexico, and is represented at Goode Art Company (where I first saw her work) in Fredricksburg...and much more.

Acree, from Houston, is pictured on the left with his daughter, Karen (hope I remembered correctly) The bozo on the right wandered in from the street. To say that Acree is an interesting fellow is like saying the Grand Canyon is a little ditch. He has more tales to share than there are tales....a true kindred spirit. You can really have an enjoyable experience by visiting his site and blog. And, as you can see from his rendition of Zoey the tiger...he is an accomplished artist.

Betty Nash

Betty is from Denison and is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. Well deserved. Her style of chiaroscuro caught my attention...and her little playful, whimsical additions to some of her
paintings kinda reminded me of someone else who sticks little "winkies" in his work.

Mark Williams

There is just "something" about chiaroscuro (strong light/dark contrast) that fascinates me. Mark Williams is very good at this style of the old masters. Mark is from Austin, and is just beginning his art career. His prices for his quality work were very, very reasonable (cheap, really). A visit to his site might prove worthwhile.

Rita Kirkman

Rita is from New Braunfels. She does realism in pastels. When I do pastels I wind up with realism of very dirty, smudgy hands. We had a long visit, and aside from outstanding artwork, she has a bubbly personality and a super positive outlook. The cow looking at you from the left side is Terrence. You were thinking Elsie, maybe? Rita also has a neat blogspot.. click HERE

Cody Cass

Being a wildlife artist myself, with a partiality to rainforest and jungle life, I was attracted to Cody's work like a moth to a searchlight. He passed my scrutinous eye with flying colors (and a bit of envy) His work is magnificent. He doesn't have his website quite up and running yet ( but I'll just bet you'll hear more from him. Cody is from Leander.

Charles Ellison Nelda Boren Smith

Thes two delightful folks are from Franklin. Charles is a masterful wildlife of his works is pictured in the background. Nelda does some intriguing, spirited, colorful horses, and other subjects. Ihad a picture of Nelda's work, but can't find it...I'll post it later.

y Arth

Gregory is pictured here with his wife. The circus must be in town, judging from the lost clown in the background. Gregory has a distinct style that is mind-boggling. His celebrity portraits are super. And his website is out ofthis world. He was celebrating his birthday at showtime and they were about to celebrate their anniversary. They are from Colleyville.

Beth Erlund

I noticed Beth's booth because she was from Morrison, Colorado...same place as Saundra Galloway, the young lady who just presented me with the little snow bunny painting. I was captivated by Beth's batik work. I still don't know much about batik...but it's neat.

Roderick Stevens

Hailing from Sierra Vista, Arizona, Roderick is an artist after my own taste. He is photo-realistic with a kick. He even touts his work with a disclaimer... "Not a photograph!" Roderick is on the rebound, so to speak, and has a very interesting and uplifting story to tell. His artwork and blog are definitely worth checking out.

That's it for now....see ya down the road..... James