Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Return to Any Sense? Vern's Journal

Boyoboyoboy! My bad. Hanging my head in shame. I've been away from my blog and painting so long, I forgot I had fingers. More on that in a moment. I have had two journals from the "Flying Moleskins" Project....Vernon Schwarz and Dean Haven. I have been sitting on them. Attempting to get back in step, I finished Vern's and have it posted here. I'm working on Dean's and will have it shortly. Vern's subject was anything, so I painted anything out in desert, but I kept getting annoyed by this "Beep, Beep" every now and then.

I went through a bit of escape and stick my head in the sandness. Call it malaise. or discombobulation, or mollygrumps, or manic depressive, or panic distressive or< maybe just "out of it".

As human beings, we all have problems. Artists, as human beings, have problems....except ours are more colorful.. I, as a part-time human being, have problems, too...but I'm just a bigger baby with them. I have a habit of making things worse than they are. For instance, I became reclusive for a couple of months and after getting home from work, just sat and watched movies instead of painting or doing anything constructive. However, If I was depressed, I'd watch stuff like "The Road" or "No Country for Old Men". If I was cold, I'd watch "March of the Penguins". If I had money problems, I'd watch "Falling Down". If I dwelt on social injustice or man's inhumanity to man, I'd put on "Schindler's List" or"Holocaust". If I read something about covert government or something I stuck "Shooter" (Mark Wahlberg) or" Enemy of the State" in the DVD playeer. If I saw something about the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy, I rented "2012" or "Day After Tomorrow" or "Deep Impact". DUH. Anyway, I watched" K PAX", "Godspell" and "Out of Africa" and now I'm all better.

More later...I won't be gone so long. Cya down the road................James