Monday, July 4, 2011

Adebanji's Homeless & Poverty

Running inexcusably late (what century is this?) I have managed to get myself stirred up enough to finish Banji's moleskin. When I get in a slump, I re-define the whole meaning of inactivity. My apologies.

Somewhat at a loss for subject matter for Adebanji's theme of poverty and homeless, I stewed for a month or so, then, one morning while looking in the mirror for a familiar face....There It Was!!!! A perfect example of poverty! So I did a self-portrait. Except my forehead was too high and it didn't look like me. So I borrowed some hair from Larry King or Curious George or somebody. It still doesn't look like me, but maybe it looks like somebody. I guess I shoulda tried a hat. BUT...if it did look like me, it would be the "Perfect Poverty Poster Person".... I'm not "Poor"...I just stay so broke I can't even pay attention.

The second page of Adebanji's journal pictures a homeless dude camped out in front a Louis Vuitton store.... I doubt he's waiting for the store to open so he can get a new pair of shoes. There is a tragic sense to the disparity between the rich and poor. Moses had it out with the Egyptians...Robin Hood had a go at trying t0 even things out...Karl Marx missed the mark. We still have the same problems....I haven't heard that Charlie Sheen or numerous sports and entertainment folks want to return a few million dollars of their contracts..."Oh No...that's too much money....I just wouldn't feel right...getting paid that much!!!)
Yeah, right. more moleskin....Liz Holm....portraits. I'm on it right now, even as we blog. Coming soon....promise!