Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beating the Heat, ..3 WIP Commissions...WTTW

Well, you've heard me crying and moaning about the heat. But it's hot in other places too. Like this photo and story a friend of mine in Africa sent me...

And it's been dry. Lake Travis is down 43 feet. And in Costa Rica, where I just moved from. it's been monsoonal rains for a week. Matter of fact , a fellow from down there sent me a photo of a local Costa Rican newscast.

Anyway, I decided to try to do something about the heat.

First, I thought I'd go to the swimming Pool.... Nah.

Then some friends from Louisiana invited me to go sky diving.....Nah.

Then some friends of mine down the road wanted me to go mud diving.....nah

So-o-o-o-o, being a member in good standing in the Texas Redneck Association, I put my thinking cap on and came up with the obvious solution....pictured below.
Three Works in Progress commissions that I hope to finish up before the turn of the century.




Check out the great artwork of our canine friends on WTTW ART

Watch out this coming Tuesday for a "JUST FOR FUN" blog that will knock your socks off.

Thought for the Blog....The only impossible dream is the one you don't try for.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Following the Masters...More ACEOs...PaintOut (NO RAIN Delay)

Michelle Burnett's challenge "Following the Masters" called for flowers. OK, flowers it is. And not just any ole stinkin' posies....but genuine Texas Wildflowers. And not just any Texas Wildflowers, but wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country.

And...if you're interested... the top left red one is Indian Paintbrush. The top right blue is the Texas bluebonnet. The center is Firweel or Indian Blanket. The left yellow is Greenthread., the center pink is Drummond's Phlox and the bottom right is Winecup. And they are all truly gorgeous.

Three more additions to my hummingbird ACEO series are shown below...

I've also begun a series of ACEOs featuring the birds of Texas, and the first little tweeters of that series are shown below. Texas really has some incredibly beautiful little feathered friends, so this will be a long series. In the works are series of Texas wildflowers, Texas butterflies, Texas Wildlife and Texas Beer Cans.

While on the ACEO subject, I'm doing these on Foamboard. Aside from being quite inexpensive and lightweight, Hobby Lobby cuts em to size for practically nothing. I've researched foamboard and it is extremely durable and paint receptive (I paint the edges and back and sign the back with info, and spray the whole thing with 3 coats of Kamar varnish.). I like foamboard for 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 also. Whatt do ya think? Does it lessen the value of the painting by being so lightweight or, because it only costs about a third of a cent per square inch is it the best thing since sliced peanut butter? Also I'm charging $15 or $20, depending on how good-looking the lady is buying it ($25 for guys). Is this price in line? Since living for the past 3 years in a country where cigarettes are $1,25 a pack and coffee 2.50 a pound, I'm still in cultural price shock here in the U. S.


I was organizing a paint out for August at Wenmohs ranch in Cypress Mill, Texas. Over the past week or so, I have been informed that August is usually hotter than July (which I knew already, but I'm a slow learner) so, unless we wanted our artwork "kiln-dried" it might be better to schedule the paint-out when it gets cooler. And not so danged dry. The Wenmohs Bunkhouse Gallery is sooooooo nice and picturesque, but right now the whole Texas Hill Country is like Death Valley.


Thought for the blog: They say money talks. All it ever tells me is "Goodbye"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Birthday-DSFDF-Wimberley-Attitude-

It's my birthday. 63. In recent years, I have burned calendars on the spot for even suggesting another year had gone by. I usually ignore birthdays. This year is a little different, but I don't exactly know why. I have inserted a photo from Pierre Raby below from a "Every Photo Tells a Story" piece a few months back. Pierre Raby's Blog "A Painter's Room" is a delightful site for this talented artist and I recommend a visit.

The reason this year is different is because I feel like I might be growing up. Damn. That's a bummer. The second reason is illustrated by the photo. Alone. Except for Pokey and TacoBelle. Yesterday, I went over to SS groceries and bought 4 pounds of beef ribs and came home and grilled em. That was my birthday treat for the pups. Despite that special joy of having ecstatic dogs, I still felt like something was missing. After hours of deliberation, I happened upon it.....nobody to share life with!!! No Soulmate!!! Super Bummer!!!
So here is a warning!!!! One day soon I'll do a " Personals" blog. A blog that is looking for that "special" Pina Colada dr
inker. That Moody Blues lover. That "little bit crazy" artist. That "take a walk by the river" woman (I'm so straight the art companies hire me to pose for their rulers). A good strong gal that lets Jesus guide her along the path of life. A female that talks but knows when to shut up. A femme that listens and knows when to tell me to shut up. One who sees the incredible beauty of dew on a rose and appreciates the wondrous joy in the intricate pattern of the smallest hummingbird feather. One who loves life. And can truly love life by seeing it through the eyes of a child. One who loves to laugh and is not ashamed to cry. One that sees the world in a grain of sand. Oh...and a few bucks in the bank wouldn't hurt (I was getting too serious...not really).
Anyway...look for that blog....I'll call it "Sore Gent Parker's Lonely Hearts Club Blog"

Changes in Latitude...Changes in Attitude

I won't flog the 100+ temps too much. But...I can see why the Middle East and other "hot" countries wanna fight so much. It's hot! lemme punch ya out!!!
When's the last time you heard of an Es
kimo War? Or revolutions in Greenland and Iceland?

While I was geting Pokey and Taco Belle's Beef ribs, I picked up a bag of Fritos.
Frito Chili Pie is one of my major food gro
ups. I looked at the price..2.89. I looked at the price again....2.89. It hadn't changed. It should have changed cause that's just too much!!! The corn farmer only gets 12 cents for that bag. Duh. Then I reached for a can of Frito Bean Dip...2.99!!! for a couple of ounces of beans....squooshed up with a few peppers. I gracefully returned the bean dip, muttering expletives under my breath. The mutter must have been not too much under my breath, because the lady next to me said..." have an ATTITUDE about today's prices! Bless you...I do too!!" Then I went over to Liberty Hill to visit with a fellow artist that does small paintings like I do. He said it bugs him when folks see one of his small paintings that obviously took at least a couple of hours and he has it for sale for 20 bucks....and they ask him if he'll take less. He tells em "If I took less, then I wouldn't make as much as those old geezers at Wal-Mart who tell ya "Welcome" when they really mean that you should get your butt over to Target and get some good prices." Then they tell him he has an "ATTITUDE". So I get home and check my E-Mail. A dear follower jokingly commented that my latest blog for the "SAPS" award, where I said that you should pick up the award..."what do you think I am....staff?" showed an attitude. Me? Have an ATTITUDE? No way...nice guy that I am. If anyone thinks I have an attitude, then they can go take a flying leap......

DSFDF.....Guy Sitting.

That taken care of, now I can turn to more important things. Like painting some guy who I've never met, sitting at some place I've never been, thinking about something I probably wouldn't. But that's OK. I used my imagination and depicted him doing something I probably would be doing if I was caught in his predicament....impersonating BUDMAN!!! I started to entitle my rendition "Doing My Part to Keep Milwaukee Financially Stable in These Tough Economic Times". But I decided to name it "Strategically Located". This is my submission for the Different Strokes From Different
Folks Challenge.

WIMBERLEY....Painting neath the trees.

I will be painting in the courtyard of The Bent Tree gallery and The Burro Coffee and Latte and WiFi Place in Wimberley Saturday. Plein Air. That is, until the temps hit 99....then I hit the road. I got up at 2 this morning (an hour earlier than usual) to prep some of the ACEOs I'll be doing there.

Texas Hill Country Paint-Out.

Update. We Have a super Studio at The Bunkhouse in which to paint that is AIR CONDITIONED. The Fee is $40 for AC, Food (Barbecue and breakfast tacos, etc. and DOOR PRIZES). Dena charges $53 PER NIGHT for a comfortable lodging. If August is hotter than this July, plans may have to be altered due to my demise from heat stroke. MORE LATER

EXCUSES, EXCUSES...Blog Visiting Vacuum.
I haven't been visiting my followers and associates in the "ARTFUL BLOGGERS" COMMUNITY. Don't throw sticks and hurl obscenities. Aside from working my butt off, the heat, and keeping this blog up..... see the pics below.....

My Mouse went missing...

Then my keyboard... (Thanks, Deb Keirce)

Thought for the Blog...(simple, but think about it) "HAVE ANOTHER DAY! :-)"

Monday, July 13, 2009


Still HOT!! 31 days of 100+ NO RAIN. The Dog Says it all....


There has been, now and in the past, a plethora of awards going around. Many are nice and worthy, and complimentary and well-deserved and all that other stuff. I have nothing against awards. However, now that I'm fully immersed in "Painting For Profit" I feel the need for another award. So I proudly announce The "SAPS" Award.

No, I'm not going to award this to 5 or 6 artists and ask them to list the 5 main reasons for eating avocados and French dressing. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to go out and award it to anyone. If you feel like you fit the category, then clip it and post it yourself. Whaddya think I am....staff?
The only requirement for this award is t
hat your last painting sold for less than $100,000 and that you don't eat filet mignon, caviar and champagne by the pool every night from the proceeds of your "Daily Painting". There are no dues, no meetings, no elections, and you really don't have to do anything. Except paint and try to make a profit. Or break even. Or maybe don't take too much of a loss. This award has long been needed, so I took it upon myself to create it. I am THE FOUNDING FATHER. And the best thing about it is you don't have to listen to what I say or take out the garbage. So there.

Texas Hill Country Paint-Out

Yeahbuddy, Podner, you heard right. August 21, 22, 23. Friends, painting, visiting, sharing ideas and BARBECUE. I will post the full details and agenda on my next blog in a day or two, but check your agenda and lemme know if you might be interested in attending. Drop me an E-Mail at

See Y'All down the road.... And remember...Not everybody was born a TEXAN... but try not to hold that against them. :-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

105 and Bone Dry...No Party. But..Challenging Challenges

I tried to get a party blog together, but the weather has slowed me down to a snail's pace...and a lot of my files are on my other computer at my son's in Houston. It has been 105 for about 2 weeks, and no rain. The shack has no air=conditioning and at 8:00 it is still over 100 in there. Crud.

Anyway...I have been painting out under the trees and catching up with the art challenges.

Michelle Burnett's "Following the Masters" invited artists to pick a piece by Maxfield Parrish and submit their rendition. Being the wishy-washy bozo that I am...I couldn't make up my mind. So I picked two. The one above is entitled "The Canyon" and was painted in 1924. I provided a copy of the actual painting at the top so you can see what a truly marvelous artist he was.

Once again, I have provided the actual work at the top, and my rendition below it. This one is entitled "Stars". Growing up in Houston, my Grandmother had a large 2 story house that Stephen King could write a dozen novels about. "Ma" had pictures all over the place, but one of her favorites was Maxfield Parrish, and this painting was one she had displayed in her bedroom. I was in love with this woman. I remained in love with this woman until Judy Garland came along and shamelessly stole my heart and left it somewhere over the rainbow. Throughout the next half century or so, I have maintained my admiration for Maxfield Parrish. A truly magnificent artist.

Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge was from a photo of a woman rowing a rowboat across a very calm Lake Michigan. I found that as exciting as these ants chewing on my Little Debbie Oatmeal Cre.... WHAAAA!!! Oh well...I wasn't that hungry anyway. Needless to say, I added something. At the risk of showing my age, I put Cecil in there, from the old Beanie and Cecil cartoons of 1962. Don't worry, Cecil won't munch down. He might ask her where her life jacket is.

And finally, this is the first of my renditions for Windows to the Words July Art Challenge. The little fellow pictured is Roscoe Parker....a Blue Lacy, which is the national dog of Texas. Roscoe belongs to Dena Wenmohs, artist and owner of the famed "Bunkhouse Gallery, Studio, Workshop and B & B in Cypress Mill, Texas. I am trying to get together a "Texas Paint-Out" there in August, so you will be hearing more about that. Click HERE for information.

Thought for the Blog: Some folks I know are waiting at the airport when their ship comes in.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have a request from 2 small tourist art galleries for ACEO hummingbirds. So I'm painting them. They would like to have a selection of 8 to 10 different. So I'm painting 4 selections of 8 to 10 different. They would like to have them by Friday. I'm working furiously to have them by Friday. They want them inexpensive. I'm charging them 15 bucks apiece.

Although I have requests for only two sets, I figured I may as well do a couple more sets, just in case these may be popular. It is easier to do several of the same kind, because you have your appropriate paints out and you can intermingle techniques and come up with a "best, efficient" method. Only it's kinda boring, and you need to take care not to jeopardize quality. So this is an "assembly line" or mass production thing. I'm not sure it classifies as art, but it helps pay the bills while I'm working on masterpieces. Whadayathink?

And speaking of masterpieces...if you want to see one you'll have to go to some other art blog. No masterpieces here. At least not today. What you will find here is my two attempts at the Windows to the Words challenge for June. If you click HERE you can see some remarkable artwork by other artists. But here I have just presented my two, along with some cornball commentary.

This is supposed to be a portrait of Willie Nelson. A great guy and wonderful singer who lives just down the road from me at Spicewood. However, it really looks like a real bozo and lousy singer from Blanco.... Elwood Lieberman O'Reilly. Sorry, Willie.

Now here's my attempt at Mother Teresa. The colors are rather nice. But...I'm one of the few artists alive today that can do a portrait of Mother Teresa and have it come out looking like a preview for an upcoming Dustin Hoffman movie. However, if she were alive, I have a hunch she would forgive me for my shortcomings.

I have to say that I have a bit of "getting used to" this old Texas weather. Where I was in Costa Rica, it seldom reached 90 degrees. Here, for the last ten days, it's been in the mid 1oos..and no rain. Hmmmmm.

Come back on Saturday or Sunday for a 'Mini-Party Blog". Have a great Fourth of July.