Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This month I had Sheila Tajima's journal for The Flying Moleskins project. Sheila's theme is "Things You Love". Well, aside from the "Four F's"..Faith, Family, Friends and Freedom, there's about 17 kazillion other my pups, Pokey and Taco Belle and a hot shower and a comfortable pair of tennis shoes, and..... I could go on and on. But I settled for a T-Bone, super stuffed baked potato and a cold beer. So there.

Last month's challenge on Windows to the Words was frogs. I just realized I never posted them, so here they are. There were some very nice other submissions of the little slimers, and you can view them by clicking HERE
Also, this month (Until Labor Day), the Pooch Portrait Exchange is featured, with some delightful works.
It has been so-o-o-o hot, that I haven't h
ad a lot of energy left over to blog much.....waiting for that first cool spell. But I haven't been alone in my sweltering. Below are how a few local pooches coped with the heat........ Cya down the road....James