Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mystery Pups...Packing Up...Other Stuff

Special Bulletin...It was posted just after I wrote this blog. Every Photo Tells A Story has honored me by using another of my paintings for its subject on the April 5 post. The piece is a nest of hungry baby birds, titled "Feed Me". Please check it out this delightful blog site.

It is absolutely nervewracking to pack up and move from one country to another. And it takes a lot of time. I have
neglected visiting my blog buddies, so if you haven't seen me check into your blog, please forgive me...I'll be by to visit shortly. I may be bald and a bundle of nerves, but I'll be there. I have to get back to packing, so I'll let Pokey and TacoBelle handle the blog for a while.

Pokey here. TacoBelle iz doin the prufreedin, so if I mispell sumtin, you kin blame it onher. Evrybody knows our bestest friend what weeze got in de whole wid wurld...Tweedles...Here iz her pitchur...

Masterbuddy, "Stinkyfeet" painted 3 of ou
r buddy pups. Tweedles, up dere, was furst cuz Tweedles is soooooo speshul. Tweedles luvs de oshun and fishes and starfishes and to play in de water and chew on a bone and other fun stuff jes like us. And Tweedles can rite good wordz...jes like us.

Dis here is Linus, "Stinkyfeets" little buddy in Texas, Nancy Medina's fearless watchpug. Linus is shore purty and looks like Tweedles a bit, but not quite so hansum. But Linus is still one reel good buddy.

Up next is Otis, the loyal wonderdog of Manon Doyle, anudder one of Masterbuddy's friends. I think Otis is a Boston terror, or terrier. or sumtin like dat. I get kinda confused when it comes to foreigners, so maybe Otis is a Concord spaniel, maybe. I is a DachsieBeegleMutt, and Stinkyfeet sez I should be prod of dat. I am. It wuz 3 months fore I learnt
dat TacoBelle wuza Cheewowwow. Whatz so neet about Otis is that his eyes are soooo big. He always looks like he jes seen a big pork chop go strollin by. HAHAHAHA. Okay...Stinkyfeet wants his puter back......CYA in Texas!!!!!

That Pokey...what a ham. Gotta give he
r spelling lessons one day. Okay, I need to get more packing done, but there's a couple more items. I ran across an old black trash bag and started to put it with the other trash bags, but looked inside and found 2 of my first paintings I had sent up when I moved here to Costa Rica. Back in the early 80s is when I did my first serious painting. I only did 5 paintings. The sixth one I started was a picture of Jesus I tried using as a model a profile photo of some guy from SuperTramps' "Live in Paris" album. It was a miserable failure and I gave up for the next 25 years. The two I rediscovered are pictured here, and need some touching up. The other 3 paintings I did are who knows where. The painting above is some duck decoys I saw pictured in Ideals Magazine. The painting below was from a photo in Arizona Highways.


Pictured above are a batch of ACEOs I'm
getting blocked in so I'll have a supply of work items I can take with me in a little briefcase with my paints and ref photos. That way, If I see a nice tree to sit down and paint a while, I can.

Back to work. I hope to have everything don
e and packed and ready to go by Monday night, so I can kick back and just relax a second. See ya Monday. Have a great weekend.

Thought for the Blog.... "Our Earth was not inherited from our Fathers, but
borrowed from our Children"


  1. James! Thank you for the laughs. my sides hurt!! You are one funny, amazing guy. Your "old" paintings are beautiful. I do like the vibrancy and exuberance of your new work, though. They're more like you! big hugs and safe travels, Liz

  2. I, too, really like the two first paintings - so glad you found and kept them. Now, I'd really like to see some nice landscapes. Take care.

  3. So much great art! Thanks for sharing! So you won't be our buddy in the rainforest fact, a lot of TX is dry and dusty. Will you buy a 10 gallon hat and paint scorpions and fire ants now? I bet you'll miss your rainforest for awhile. Safe travels and best wishes for a real smooth move!

  4. Cute pug paintings! You have prepared a lot of ACEOs. Looking forward to seeing them when done. It's a great idea to take your painting stuff with you. I do that, too, when I go visit my family in Japan. Safe and pleasant trip!

  5. Wonderful paintings, James -- very cute pugs. Looks like you're well stocked for the ACEOs. Hope the move is a smooth one!

  6. ALSO, congratulations for having another one of your paintings featured on Every Photo Tells A Story - it's a great one - I'm very impressed with the details of the nest!

  7. James, you crack me up!! I saw the words "Special Bulletin" and had to leave you a comment as tears are flowing down my eyes.

    Your dog paintings are wonderful, especially the "soulful" eyes on each one of the pups. And, I really like the southwestern painting.


  8. Hey James,
    Awesome post as usual! I'm so honored that you painted my baby Otis! Yes... he is a Boston Terrier ..... or as I like to call Boston Terror! He always looks like there's something strolling! You did a fabulous job!!!

  9. No, still can't figure out what you're on about James!!! But now I know who Pokey is if he's that gorgeous Rottie look-a-like, and Tweedles the scrumptious Pug! But who is Taco Belle?

    Love Linus, Nancy's cutest little pug! Great painting.

  10. LOL, Liz. I posted a picture of TacoBelle. She did have her feelings hurt a bit.

  11. Congrats on being picked for the Every Photo Tells a Story! That's great!

  12. Hi - this is Tweedles. We just got home from the big ocean and saw an email from Stinky Feet, Taco Belle, and Pokey. I rushed right over to your site and moms and I could hardly believe our eyes seeing the beautiful portrait of me.
    Oh hugs and kisses to you. You made me look so beautiful! Oh thank you so much- heres more pug kisses! What a gtand job you did on Linus and Otis too! We love you Stinky Feet! Oh I am just in shock! What talent you have. We are so honored.
    And so nice to see pics of Taco Belle and Pokey.
    Ohhhhhhhhh- what can we say!!!
    What a welcome home present from the ocean.

  13. Dear Uncle stinkyfeet - This here is Howard Pee Pugpants, mentor to LinusPug The ShoeString Demolisher. You did a fine job painting that little guy, and I will continue to do my best to train him properly in the art of property destruction. If you visit Texas next week, please feel free to drop off some snacks at my house. I am starving and mom has got me on a cruel diet.
    Here is the address:
    Howie's House
    Tree in Front Yard

  14. Hi James!

    Congradulations on your painting on "Every Photo Tells a Story". A lot of wonderful art posted here. I love the dog dog portraits as well as your "oldies". Looks like plenty of ACEOS to keep you busy!

    Well James...bon voyage...and have a wonderful and safe trip! Don't worry about taking a little blog break since we will all be here waiting for ya until you get settled! :)

  15. James: Once again, have a great trip! "See" you when you've settled in. And, try not to "flirt" with the flight attendants too much since they need to do their job:)

  16. Congratulation on the "Every Photo Tells a Story" post. Have a safe trip, James!

  17. Beautiful work! I am a huge Tweedles fan & I love her piecture!