Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spending every spare moment trying to get material ready and prepare for Burnet's Bluebonnet Festival, took me away from all sorts of things that needed to be done. So this blog post is overdue. And Windows to the Words is really gaining momentum with over a dozen submissions already for this month's "Flower Power" Challenge.
Angela Sullivan
James Parker

Above is my first submission for the challenge...Magnolia (my Mom's favorite subject) and Almond blossoms from Angela Sullivan. You can view these artworks on Windows to the Words Art. There is plenty of time remaining to send in your versions, and I would be honored to post them. I realize time constraints are a big consideration for all of us, but I presented some comments on challenges at the end of this month's Windows to the Words Home page that I invite you to read and leave a comment.

Burnet, Texas is officially designated as "The Bluebonnet Capital of Texas". It is no surprise that bluebonnets abound on all the roads leading to Burnet, and occur quite prolifically all around town. And they ARE beautiful. The 27th annual Bluebonnet Festival was this last weekend, a three day event with everything from an impressive air show to a weiner dog race. Over 30,000 folks attended under beautiful skies and mild temps, and I think everybody had a great time. I, and my sister, did well in the little gallery/gift shop. Only problem was I over-ate big time...but I'm still craving just one more funnel cake.

Big Parade with Antique Car ShowLots of VisitingLots of Rides and Concessions
I was gonna get some nice big blue balloons to decorate the gallery, but I couldn't find the balloon guy.
I took a jillion people picts in hopes of getting some good material for figurative painting
practice,Air Show, Weiner Dog Race, Pet Parade, Demolition Derby, and More
Here is a typical local observing one of the many events. He was overheard remarking, "Dang, seems like they'd invent something to keep the sun out of your eyes!"

Top-Notch Drawings
John & Malia Gattas

I have alway been fascinated with caricatures and portraits. John amd Malia are at the very top of this art form. Located in New Braunfels, they attend shows and festivals, and, judging from this event...are highly in demand. I think they were the hardest working folks out there. always having a line of people waiting to take advantage of their exceptional talent and reasonable prices. Click HERE to view more of their enchanting work.

Guy Morrow
Corpus Christi, Texas

I had an opportunity to visit with Guy for a while, and was truly impressed, not only with his marvelous artwork, but his attitude and strength of character. Guy is a strong Christian, and has an intriguing story on his website (click HERE). He has won many awards and exhibitions and has had his work on display in the American Embassy in Moscow. Guy took the time to come by my gallery on Sunday, closing, and was gracious enough to compliment my work...and was captured by a red-eyed tree frog painting which he purchased and took home with him. That made my week. A visit to his site is highly recommended.

Paint The Town and RITA KIRKMAN

This weekend, April 16, 17, & 18. Marble Falls will host its 5th Annual "Paint the Town" Plein Air Event with silent auction. Over 60 accomplished artists are to participate. I don't think I'm accomplished unless that refers to munching down cheese pizzas, but I'm participating. And I'm terrified. This is my first Plein Air, and I feel like a kindergarten kid in college Physics class. I'll let ya know how this goes...shudder, shudder.
One of the artists that will be in attendance is Rita Kirkman.

I first met Rita at a Georgetown, Texas show some months back. I was blown away by the skill of her realism in pastels. I visited with her a while back then, and featured her on my Georgetown blog at that time. Rita has more accomplishments, awards, and recognitions than a double fudge sundae has calories. She has appeared in International Artist, American Artist, Artist's Magazine, Pastel Journal and Southwest Art. She is pictured above doing a portrait, and her award-winning "Bride's Maid" is shown below it. Artist Extraordinaire!!! And...the best thing about Rita is... As distinguished as her career has become, she's still a friendly ole' country girl...a true treasure.
So I will be the proverbial "Babe in the Woods". I just hope I come back in one piece.

Finally (I promise to blog shorter and more frequently in the future)....I mentioned a Pet Parade earlier, so I thought I'd leave ya with a couple of cool pet shots. Cya down the road. .................James


  1. James, I love your magnolia blossom, and Rita's bridesmaid is just gorgeous too. How nice to get these glimpses of the lovely Bluebonnet festival!

  2. Beautiful!!!
    Love your Magnolia, no woder this is Momma's favorite.Mine too. Is this because I am a Momma too?
    Great painting James.

  3. I agree fabulous Magnolia and Rita's bridesmaid............but I love your 2 pics of the dog and cat's.

  4. Thats an awsome magnolia blossom for sure.
    My favorite is the kitty and dog

  5. The WTTW paintings are wonderful and I love your magnolia painting. {I'm working on one now that I hope to finish in time.} Looks like a good ol' time in Burnet with great artists. Thanks for the pet photos too, soooo cute!

  6. Beautiful magnolia and Angela's almond blossoms are lovely. Thank you for showing us non-Americans what a beautiful Bluebonnet looks like. They are awesome. But what I love most about this post James, is the guy who needs a sunshade invention!! Couldn't stop laughing. Thank you.

  7. Sheesh, James! You are a whirlwind!! I have to say that those pet photos at the end just are perfection. Love them both and they made me smile. It doesn't get much better than a smile.

  8. Thanks so much for the nice comments...Magnolias have a majestic beauty that provides an element of inspiration to stretch your abilities to depict them. I got a big kick out of the pups and kitties, but Pokey and TacoBelle insisted I put those on...especially for Tweedles. Liz...we have bluebonnets, but you all have Proteas...and I'm working on a couple. Sherry...smiles are priceless...and they're free. What a bargain :-) Michelle, I'm parked outside my EM mailbox for your magnolia. And Mona, Irit, Dominique...there's plenty of room over at WTTW Art. Dean said he couldn't "do" flowers, and his almomd blossoms are awesome.

  9. OMG!! These pet shots KILL me!!
    Thanks for the laugh!!

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the spring festival...and got some great photo references!

  11. You've gotta be the recipient of the World's Busiet Blogger Award! How do you keep up?? (Whatever you're takin' I want a scrip, too!)

  12. I was so taken with the blue bonnets when we were in Texas last month... I didn't know Texas could be so beautiful. The blue bonnets are just like our lupines here, only smaller... cause Texas is smaller than Alaska?