Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Return to Any Sense? Vern's Journal

Boyoboyoboy! My bad. Hanging my head in shame. I've been away from my blog and painting so long, I forgot I had fingers. More on that in a moment. I have had two journals from the "Flying Moleskins" Project....Vernon Schwarz and Dean Haven. I have been sitting on them. Attempting to get back in step, I finished Vern's and have it posted here. I'm working on Dean's and will have it shortly. Vern's subject was anything, so I painted anything out in desert, but I kept getting annoyed by this "Beep, Beep" every now and then.

I went through a bit of escape and stick my head in the sandness. Call it malaise. or discombobulation, or mollygrumps, or manic depressive, or panic distressive or< maybe just "out of it".

As human beings, we all have problems. Artists, as human beings, have problems....except ours are more colorful.. I, as a part-time human being, have problems, too...but I'm just a bigger baby with them. I have a habit of making things worse than they are. For instance, I became reclusive for a couple of months and after getting home from work, just sat and watched movies instead of painting or doing anything constructive. However, If I was depressed, I'd watch stuff like "The Road" or "No Country for Old Men". If I was cold, I'd watch "March of the Penguins". If I had money problems, I'd watch "Falling Down". If I dwelt on social injustice or man's inhumanity to man, I'd put on "Schindler's List" or"Holocaust". If I read something about covert government or something I stuck "Shooter" (Mark Wahlberg) or" Enemy of the State" in the DVD playeer. If I saw something about the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy, I rented "2012" or "Day After Tomorrow" or "Deep Impact". DUH. Anyway, I watched" K PAX", "Godspell" and "Out of Africa" and now I'm all better.

More later...I won't be gone so long. Cya down the road................James


  1. So glad to see you back, James. Have never entered any of your challenges although I "lurked" a lot, but just when I was ready to respond to the parrots, you disappeared.
    Well, everybody has these down times. Now that your head is clear after all the digesting of others good stuff, know that many love your funny side and your funny take on life so please make the "road trip" consistently turning back here.

  2. Well, I like Vern's page, James. And I'm with you on the reclusiveness. Your days after work sound alot like my own. I think we just get tired and having our time for art taken away in such a rough manner hurts! (I'm telling you, I shoulda been born a princess!!! LOLOL)

  3. Ah James, but we have missed you and your zany sense of humour - welcome back after your sojourn which you were totally entitled to! And love what you've done for Vern's book!

  4. Really good to see you back, James. I hibernate for long stretches myself, so completely sympathize. Just received Vern's book, and your painting is fantastic...vibrant with color and full of life. thanks for your note(s) always!