Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day from EPTAS, and FLOWERS

Veteran's day was November 11, so naturally I'm running a day late and posting this on November 12. Duh. Several days ago on Every Photo Tells A Story, Nancy posted a painting by San Diego Artist Brooke Olivares entititled "Papa". Many of you know that I contribute poetry to this marvelous site daily...actually, I think I like to write as much as paint...and I have presented it here....

"Oh Daddy...I Love You...Hug Me"

Before you left, I'd never heard, of Iraq or Afghanistan,
But by Momma's worried look, I soon learned to understand,
That you are somewhere far off, your life in constant danger,
From people who don't know them, a total stranger.

They don't know your inner kindness. How warm your hug can be,
Your tender words of wisdom, and how much you mean to me.
To see how others kill and m
aim, without a second thought,
Their brothers...all God's children. It truly breaks my heart.

But now you've been returned to us, from your duty in Iraq,
I hold you, oh, so close to me. "My Daddy...Welcome Back!"

Be sure to visit Every Photo Tells A Story, and Brooke Olivares website and blog.

The first submission for Windows to the Words November challenge is this delightful watercolor pencil from Elena Malec. For being first, I'll put in a good word to Santa for her. This month's challenge is "Giving Thanks" with 5 thought provoking reference photos to choose from. You can check em out by clicking HERE

I recently received a commission to paint a series of 5x7 flowers. Below are a few of them. Painting flowers is fun. I may have to do some more of these.


  1. That is one great painting and the poem is fantastic.

  2. James - I believe this poem is your best ever and an appropriate time to post it. All our brave souls in the military should be praised and prayed for. Every life is precious.

  3. What a beautiful tribute in the words of this poem-that you have created for those serving our country.
    So well said.

  4. What a beautiful painting James and a wonderful poem for all those soldiers (American and others) serving in Iraq. Will definitely be visiting Brooke's site.

    You've reminded me that yesterday was 'Poppy Day' which commemorates the end of the 1st World War, a war we never knew but still hold in memory.

  5. Great painting and amazing words to go along with it, James. I was worried about you as I hadn't seen a post in awhile. Good to know that I'm not the only one who runs a day late and a dollar short though.