Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thansgiving..and a Peek at WOW

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late). I hope everyone had a delightful visit with loved ones...and enough good food to make Alka Seltzer's stock double.

I have several painting projects I'm w
orking on, but they'll wait to the next blog. This blog's just for smiles. So here's a few Thanksgiving shots:

As if I had no sense at all....I recently started a new blog called Windows Of Wonders. It's all for fun and amazement. You will find an eclectic assortment of blogs from the hilarious to the inspiring to the amazing. For instance, many of us will begin our holiday shopping..some of it at Wal-Mart. I just posted a selection of Wal-Mart shoppers caught on BE WARNED!!!

Here's one...there's more on WOW. (Click HERE)

I also posted a blog on true meanings of words. It is very moving, and worth checking out. Pictures can convey the meaning of a word sometimes, better than words can.COMPASSION

...more on WOW (click HERE)

Cya in a few days...take care.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Hope you had a nice one.

  2. James, I am always looking forward to your blog posts and especially enjoy postings in which you share your thoughts and sense of humor, AND your art. Am I in the right blog for that (I ask because I know you have several and I never want to miss anything good!)? Your sense of humor and joy in life are a wonder to behold!

  3. Hi Mr James Parker.
    we love looking at the world throuh your eyes!

  4. You never fail to make me laugh out loud...this post is hilarious!

  5. Oh those turkeys! Never stop blogging James, the world would be poorer without you and your humour!

  6. Stopping by to say HI. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!