Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've been away from the blog for 2 weeks...and I was close to pulling my hair out (And I don't have any to spare). But YIPPEE-HI-YAY, I do think that things are kinda coming together for a semi reasonable and organized existence. I have opened a gallery, studio and gift shop in Burnet, Texas. I'll have pictures and details on the next blog. Best of all. I have a great place to work and blog with excellent and continuous Internet service. I was so limited to access before now, that I seriously neglected (and missed) blog visiting. Now, I'll be making the rounds frequently. And Pokey and TacoBelle approve of the situation.

First, Windows to the Words had f
ew contributors last month, but the submissions that did come in were very nice. Below is my effort, titled
"Two's Company...Three's Painful"

This month's challenge consists of 2 Christmas reference photos to choose from, or...submit a artwork of the present you'd like to get for this Christmas.

Next, I've been working on an patio mural, a trip-tych, and some smaller works like the one below...

As hard as it is to believe..... Christmas is next week!!!!

Sadly, some pig-headed Grinch in the next county was playing tricks in the local cemetery, and really upset this little fellow.

Also, Christmas time is not immune to the occasional mugging...even in the oddest situations, such as....

I did manage to get my place decorated, tho....that's me on the right.

My neighbors weren't so fortunate with their decorations...they had to take them down. See below....

This fake "eave-dropper" caused 3 accidents and 2 dozen frantic calls to 911 before he was removed.

And the friendly policeman told this homeowner that he hadn't ever heard of the "Brussells Boy" fountain statue.

And, finally....If ya find time...check out my new "FUN BLOG" ...Windows of Wonders....WOW...guaranteed to provide humor, awe and inspiration or double your money back. Just click HERE. Below is a sample from the "Pictures in Pictures" post on WOW. Find the hidden picture.

CYA Down the Road...James


  1. Thanks for the visit James. I've just got my computer back from it's four day sojourn at the upgrade place and had to check out your blog - for the eggnog and for a jolly good laugh! And I went cross eyed trying to figure out that pic, but finally saw the little one!

  2. Missed ya post! Can't wait to hear more about your new gallery and gift shop. A wonderful Christmas and holiday season to you!

  3. James, good luck with your new venture, and happy holidays!!

  4. Mr. James..... so good to see you my friend!! Congrats on the gallery...yay!!! It'll be great to see some pics.
    OMG..... laughing my butt off with these pics.... I love the ditto sign!!

  5. Good luck with your amaze me with all the energy you have!!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas James....thank you for making me smile.

  7. Oh wow you have been busy trying to compete Santa. LOL
    Glad your well and I can't wait to read more about your Gallery and Shop.

  8. Hello James, we've missed you and glad to see all is well with you. Congratulations on the gallery/studio, can't wait to see pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. I always love your blog posts and your sense of humor, James. Love that rock/plaster wall in your painting. So exciting to know you have a studio/gallery of your own! Wonderful and I just know with your winning personality behind it all, it will do well indeed!

  10. Great sense of humor, James, I really enjoyed reading this with my morning cup of coffee!!... thank you for stopping by.....A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  11. I always end up with a smile when I visit your blog. Best of luck on the studio/gallery space. I am on my third year with my studio... still showing in other galleries, but would love to have a retail space someday. Thanks for guessing my DSFDF correctly. Whew! Merry Christmas to you!!!!