Monday, January 18, 2010

Flying Moleskins - WTTW - Music to Paint by

Dominique Eichi had a bright idea a while form a small group of artists and begin a travelling sketchbook project. So she did, and it kicks off today...THE FLYING MOLESKINS (click here) There's a little over a dozen of us who got a sketchbook, did a little work of art in it, and will pass it on to the next artist. At the end of the circular journey, each of us will have our own journal, filled with the work of our fellow artists...a treasured memento. Below is the cover from my sketchbook...

And, my theme is wildlife, and this is my send-off artwork....

The first submission for the current Windows to the Words Challenge "Kids & Their Pets...Matching Sets" is from Liz Pearson, from South Africa, called "Puppy Love", and here it is...

And Back to the Flying Moleskins. Edward Burton chose "Music" as his theme and painting a magnificent Jazz artwork (see it by clicking HERE). Ed says he has the tunes going all the time while he's painting. I do too. I was wondering how many of you all out there, listen to music as you work? Leave a comment and let us know what you listen to. Would be interesting.

Most of the time I listen to The Moody Blues. But three of my favorites are Enya, Yanni, and Enigma. And I
have (hopefully) attached a selection from each of them. If you have a chance, lend me an ear. Lemme know what you think. Click on the Names.

Enigma - Sadeness

Cya down the Road.................... James


  1. This looks like a fun project James....I like all the first entries so far....and will keep my eyes on y'all
    Thanks for coming back to visit at my blog. Also see my offering on ebay to Help Haitian Relief, please...
    I mostly listen to classical while I paint....sometimes crooners old and new.
    back to the easel...cya

  2. Hey James, wonderful piece and a great theme. Thank you for your kind mention about my piece.

  3. Great blog - how in the world can you post those videos - must take a LOT of time and patience - really nice!!! We'll be waiting to see the other paintings that are done for Flying Moleskins.

  4. I know all of you guys in this project!! It looks like a blast!! Love all your work James!!

  5. James, great theme for the moleskins...I will have to put my thinking cap on...
    meanwhile, I like all kinds of music including hip hop...hard to believe I know. My kids are simultaneously amused and appalled by it.

  6. Oh my gosh this is the third entry I am seeing in the project. Beautiful work James. I can see that everyone is having great fun with this.

  7. Love your moleskin art, James. Such bright colors, such a fun page. You could illustrate books so beautifully!!

  8. How MANY times have you heard that you should be illustrating children's books? Maybe one of your faithful blogger friends knows a children's author or publisher - a new career for you!!!!

  9. Hi Mr James Parker
    The Moleskin project will have an incredible journey.
    We love all the artwork that everyone shared.
    Magnificent talent.
    I don't paint- but when I write- it is usually Enya , Enya and more Enya

  10. Yea! I can't wait for Friday. I am so excited to get this. :-D
    Your cover and first page spread are fantabuloso, James! Love the collage and mole, and your illustration of all of those animals, wonderful. Great theme. Makes me smile.
    This week I've been listening to Glee, Lady Antebellum, Dianna Krall, and Yo Yo Ma.

  11. Hey James! What a great idea for the moleskins! Twill be fun to see how they come along! I usually sing while I paint.....which explains why the neighbor dogs are always howling...=]

  12. I just love popping in to visit you. My husband was born in Borger, Texas, but lived for years in a town called Dumas outside Amarillo. On many a visit to this beautiful state, I always enjoyed the lovely blue bonnets. I couldn't get over how they even lined the expressway mediums. Their presence made traveling so much more pleasant. I'll cya again soon. Loved the way you put that! Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri from Dimples & Dragonflies.