Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEW YEAR....Lots of New Stuff!!!!

Wow...where to begin? First, the two pictures below are the WIP end pieces of a triptyche I'm doing for a beautiful residence here in the Texas hill country. These measure 24" x 24" and the middle piece will be 24" x 48". The paintings incorporate some of the garden decorations and plantings surrounding the home. I should be finished by February 1...with luck.

Next, Dominique Eichi has begun a project that about 20 of the old-time DSFDFers are working on....a travelling Moleskin. A moleskin is basically a sketchbook. Each artist has a new one in which he/she will create a beginning artwork of a favorite theme then send the sketchbook on to another artist who will render an artwork on that theme and send it on until it makes the circuit, and returns home to the original artist. At that time, each artist will own a true treasure of original art from future Michaelangelos, Picassos, Van Goghs, O'Keefes, etc, worth millions ;-) You can keep up with the progress by checking The Flying Moleskins site.

Windows to the Words is getting a facelift and adopting a new and simpler format. The first challenge of the new year was provided by the incomparable master artist, Edward Burton. ...Kids & Pets...A Matching Set. This is a super cute challenge that should be a lot of fun. Check it out by clicking HERE. Below are 3 photos from that challenge.

WOW or Windows of Wonders is my "just for fun" hobby blog...featuring funny, beautiful, incredible, inspiring and mind-bloggling pictures and videos.
I now have 15 blogs posted with a han
dy access menu on the sidebar. Below are excerpts from two of the posts. You can link to WOW by clicking on the peek-a-boo kitten at the top of this site or just click HERE.

The Invisible Man
This talented fellow paints himself to blend in with the background.

Skinny Stupid
These young ladies think super-skinny is super-sexy. Duh. Incredible. Incredibly Sad.

I've been able to go to a few shows and galleries, and attended a watercolor Demo by artist Jack Moss of Llano. He is outstanding. And I've managed to finally set up my Etsy and Artfire shops (both are James Parker Art...clever, huh?) I also got around to setting up my sister's ETSY and Artfire shops.... Mag's Marvels. Aside from beautiful quilting, she is getting quite talented at Raku and fused glass. She's gotten me pretty interested, too. We've been slumping wine bottles and creating fused glass/dichroic glass. Below are a coupla samples.

Running long again, but I had to mention the Gallery/Shop/Studio in Burnet, Texas. I have the west side for artwork display and a little painting area, plus the back for a larger work space, and my sister (and a few friends) have the east side to display their wares. Works out pretty neat. I posted a few pictures as a WIP, and by springtime it should be a showplace.

And Finally....My Holiday Gift to You. I think many of you all have seen enough snow to last for a while, but this Video of "December Snow" by Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues is marvelous. I hope you can find time to click on the picture of Justin, below, and sit back for a moment, relax and enjoy.....James


  1. ooooh! So much fun stuff to see on your blog today..... except for that skinny chick..... it's sad .... she needs to eat!
    Love your work in the gallery.... looks fabulous!!
    Your are a busy man James!! Thanks for sharing all the goodies!!

  2. excited to see your name on the sign! Looks like a wonderful gallery, James!

  3. Another "Wow" from me as well, James - your own gallery space - VERY cool! Great paintings.

  4. Great gallery ......... love all those flower paintings. Thanks for the comment for Flying moleskins. I can't wait to see the rest of that triptych wonderful wood Don Quichote in there.

  5. Hi Mr James Parker
    Thank you for inviting us into your world so we can get a glimpse of what you are doing!
    What FUN and Happiness you are sharing with us.
    We felt like we were right there in your studio.
    Now to just sit for a cup of tea- as we share our journeys

  6. What a wonderful shingle you have there, James! I love both sides of that building and am in love with that little cross of your sister's! I hope I have time this a.m. to check out her Etsy shop (and I rather hope that little cross necklace is still there when I get there). I have always wanted to learn to work with glass (I so love stained glass). Gah! Not enough hours or lifetimes to do all the things I really want to do. Your triptych looks so cool and I am anxious to see the middle section! I love that carved wood figure too! (What a way to get my blood running this cold morning, but to see your work in progress!)

  7. P. S. James can you send me a link to your and your sister's Etsy/Artfire shops? When I do a search under the names, nothing comes up. I want to see more! Thank you!

  8. Oh but this is looking terrific James - and your Art Gallery is awesome! Another fantastic blog post!

  9. Hi James - Wonderful blog - thanks for stopping by mine - yours is like a super buffet of goodies to munch on and to go back to. Love your writing, photos, enthusiasm and WOW great gallery!

  10. Hey James, next time I come to Fred-burg I will stop in Burnet and say howdy!!! Your new digs look awesome. I hope you and the studio assistants are keeping your toes to the footheater.
    with many and the fatties in Flower Mound

  11. Wow James! You've come such a long way from your trailer in the rain forest! I'm happy that your art is so successful, and you are off to such a great start in the new year!

  12. Great post,James. That is gonna be quite a project doing the triptyche. Good luck with it.

  13. Hi James, it's your sis Dyanne Parker. Hope you had a blessed Christmas and now on to an exciting year. Thanks for your comments on my blog and I look forward to see what we will create this year. God Bless You!

  14. Dear James
    first i'd like to wish you happy new year. i am sorry for my late respond to your last two comments. i can ensure you that it turely wonderful and gives me good feelings to know that other artists like you like my work. my work is different and i think as an individul to make us all unique and different.but its all in a positive time goes on i feel tremendous need to continue to paint,maybe because of my age.
    i like to thank you again fro your comments
    take good care