Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bountiful Birds and SPRING!!!!

Pictured above are two more of my contributions to Windows to the Words March challenge.... "For the Birds". This challenge is the "most attended" one yet...with over 30 entries. And the artworks are great!!!
Like this one by Karen Hargett. You can view more enchanting bird works by clicking HERE

Deadline for entries to this challenge (contest...there are prizes) is April 1... so there's still plenty of time, and your work is very welcome.

I'm finishing up a couple of commissions and working on Michelle Burnett's "Following the Masters" and Gary Keimig's "Wildlife" challenges... so a short blog (was that a sigh of relief).?

But the sights and sounds and smells of S
pring are popping up all over.... as you can see by the following:

The neighbor's dog is ready to help out in the garden

The geese are flying North (the strange flight formation is the geese' way of saying "Luv ya, Texas....Cya next year"And, as the poet said... "In Spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns..."

Cya down the road..... James


  1. Love your birds, Mr. James! I can always count on you to make me laugh!! I hope you're not going around your parts lifting all the pretty ladies skirts!! lol

  2. I love your bird paintings too, James - well done!

  3. That last photo and your caption made me laugh this morning, James. Thank you for that! Your bird paintings have to be among my favorites - so clean and crisp! Gorgeous paintings!

  4. All the bird submissions are good - I'd sure hate to be the judge - looks like birds are a popular subject. Now, I'm hoping May flowers will be next since Texas sure has a lot of pretty ones blooming in April and May.

  5. Yea for spring!!! Your birds are beautiful (I was going to say really tweet, but thought that might be over the top). 30 entries! wow. These challenges are taking flight....

  6. Beautiful work on the birds James! Yes...it's the perfect subject for spring!

  7. Hi James,
    I did a drawing of the Eastern bluebird just for fun, but I'm not quite sure how to get it posted on your site. I'm pretty new to Blogging. Please let me know how to post my picture for your competition. The art submitted already is really great!

  8. I love your birds James. Gosh, I it makes me want to paint one!!! hum maybe..

  9. Hi James - thanks for posting my robin here. I had so much fun painting it - thanks for sharing the photos!