Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going to Peaces

This is my addition to Camille Olsen's journal for the Flying Moleskins project. Camille's theme is Peace. At first I was stumped about what to paint to depict Peace. I could see John and Yoko riding on Cat Stevens "Peace Train" singing "Give Peace A Chance"...but after I thought about it for a few seconds I couldn't see it. With my warped sense of humor, I started to get a can of green peas, throw em in a blender, paint em, and call it "Envision Whirled Peas". Fortunately, that one didn't stay afloat either. So I just started painting without a notion of what I was doing and finished it without a notion of what I did. That's it above...a potpourri of Peace stuff...peaceful scene, a dove, a peace lily, a peace symbol, and a Peace rose. Unless you mistake the fall foliage for a major forest fire, the painting's not too bad.

With a flying start, this month's Window to the Words Challenge, "For The Birds", took off faster than a beagle on a pork chop. There's already over a dozen talented entries which you can view by clicking HERE. My rendition of a wood thrush is pictured above. Birds seems to be a very popular theme, maybe because Spring is busting out all over, but my birdseed bill is sky-high.

And, if you're a bird affecianado, check out the "Incredible Bird Photos" like the one of a woodpecker, above, on "WOW - Windows of Wonders" by clicking HERE.

There are three other new posts on on "The Shoppers of Wal-Mart", which I wouldn't recommend if you don't like nightmares and having dark, disturbing doubts about the future of mankind. But...the post of "Forever Friends" is a delightfully touching story of a real "odd couple" who found life and h
appiness in each other. Your kids and grandkids would love this one. The photo below shows the two, and you can view their story by clicking HERE.

And Don't Miss This One...It is truly incredible...STREET PAINTING!!
The photo below is NOT a photo trick...that street is painted!! check it out by clicking HERE.

I am a big kid. I get up each morning, eager to see what new wonders might be waiting. I revel in finding new things, seeing new stuff, making new friends and cherishing old ones, My soul and spirit is strengthened by humor, uplifted by beauty and inspiration, tempered by compassion and sorrow, and defined by that mixture. I like to share that recipe, and that's the reason I started WOW...Windows of Wonders. I invite you to join me as I post the weird, the funny, the beautiful, the inspiring, the touching, the awesome and everything in between.

Cya down the road.......James


  1. James, you are definitely for the birds...painting them, that is! Your work in Camille's book is magnificent!

    That street painting is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice "peaces" James! Your blog world has sure grown!! I don't know how you keep up with them all and still find time to art, but keep up the good work!!

  3. Another wonderful post, James. I love this painting; in fact one of my favorites. I love the autumn in the park scene. For some reason I am reminded of Conde Nast...though not sure I could explain why. Love your sense of humor, as always.

  4. Nice work and the street painting is fantastic.

  5. Mr James
    Your paintings of course are spectacular!
    My favorite is the little wood warbler.
    Your amazing!

  6. As usual James you made me laugh out loud! Love the painting of the World Peace and the Wood Thrush and with those wonderful pics you posted, it's no wonder you're going to get hundreds of entries. By the way, I'd still like to see your rendition of 'Whirled Peas'!!

  7. Great job on your moleskin painting. Love the oranges and of course the dove of peace. It has a cool folk art vibe. And that wren is so good too!

  8. Great Stuff James! Always a lot of fun and laughs stopping by your house!...=]

  9. James, you know I loved my Whirled Peas, I mean World Peace painting! And you're so nice to link to my blog today as well as to the other Texas artists. You're a thoughtful guy. Hope you're enjoying this crazy-cold first day of spring!