Sunday, May 30, 2010

After the Storm, Daddy Welcome Back and Greenhouses

A new challenge/collaboration blog was originated by Angela Elledge and nine Texas artists have thus far, joined in... Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. This month's (June) theme is "Texas Stuff" and a second theme has been added, "Oil Spill Sorrow" in which our group can submit artistic commentary on this tragic incident in the Gulf.

The above is "After the Storm" an acrylic on 12 x 30 canvas (image extended around gallery wrap. It is a departure from my usual style, and I kinda like it. It is my contribution to the Texas theme of the new blog.

POE"ART"RY... A New Series

I have been writing poems to fit the reference photo/art on the fascinating blog "Every Photo Tells A Story" for over a year now. And I write a little intro poem for each month's Windows to the Words Challenge. I like to write simple poetry. Every now and then, I actually write something halfway decent. So, working with an idea from a couple of friends I did the first of what I hope will become a successful series. First, I pick one of my better poems, and work in reverse, painting an image that is inspired by the poem. This first one I finished for Memorial Day, but it's actually more appropriate for Veteran's Day. I painted on a 10 x 20 canvasboard. Then I printed out the poem, trimmed it, and gave it an antiqued and stressed wash. Then I glued it to the canvasboard and Kamar varnished it. A decoupage...and I guess it's a mixed media.
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"My Daddy, Welcome Back"
Acrylic, Mixed Media, 10 x 20 canvasboard

Back to the Shack...And into The GreenHouses

For most of my adult life, I've been a nurseryman and horticulturist, specializing in tropicals and greenhouse production. Located just outside of Blanco, Texas is a tremendous floral greenhouse operation... Klepac Greenhouses. They are introducing some new lines and have been looking for experienced personnel with technical growing knowledge. So, I'm starting June 9th, and we'll see what we can come up with. I'll still be painting and blogging, of course...but doing another labor of love for the benefit of my bank account. I'll keep ya posted.

I got a lot of stuff going (new Windows to the Words challenge coming and a "dog portrait exchange") and so I'll make this post a bit short. Besides, I got a tummy ache. This new Oriental restaurant opened up and I tried this chicken dish. However, when I got my fortune cookie...this message kinda got to me.

Cya down the road..................................... James


  1. "My Daddy - Welcome Back" is a wonderful piece! Very sentimental and appropriate for Memorial Day.

    Good luck with your new job! And hope your "tummy ache" is better! :-)

  2. Mr. James!! Great post!! I'm wishing you good luck with your new job!! Too bad it wasn't chicken...dude!!

  3. A most beautiful painting and poem with this one, James. Truly one that touches the heart. I absolutely love the silhouetted old windmill for the Texas themed blog. It is stunning and so eye catching! Good luck in your new job too. It sounds like something you might truly enjoy!

  4. Both paintings are really nice. The poem is very touching and appropriate for today, Memorial Day. I just know that you will enjoy working with exotic plants again in such a beautiful nursery.

  5. Really like the painting James - different and exciting! As always, lovely poem. And the job sounds like one that is going to be great - not your normal 9 to 5 in an office!!

  6. Mr James
    Your posts are always awsome.
    I am sorry I have been a little behind, but then I try to make up for it,
    I always would go to Every Photo and read your awsome poems. They always made me feel happy.
    But for some reason, I can't get on that bloggy anymore. I hope someday you can share all the poems you are inspired to write

  7. Your blog is great James... love your painting, your poetry, and your take on our world. Look forward to working together on the STALTP blog!