Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well, I started working at Klepac Greenhouses in Blanco, Texas this week. I am in poinsettia propagation and production which will start this coming week. Klepac grows and ships over 200,000 each year. I only work mornings before it gets scorching, so I should have a good bit time for painting and blogging.

The Flying Moleskins project is so cool. It is so exciting to receive a new journal each month and be able to see and hold the artwork of the participating artists. It is thrilling and humbling. Gee, these folks are talented!!!! I had Dana Cooper's Journal this month and her theme is "Dreams". So I dreamt up a couple of ideas, and painted em in her Journal while I was taking a nap. Here they are:

I have been working on "Windows to Texas Wildlife" for several months, and I finished it up and entered it in Austin Artspace's competition, "What Texas Means to Me". And .... I also posted it on the "Some Texas Artists Like to Paint" blog. Its an acrylic on 20 x 24 canvas. It's fairly representative of Texas critters.

Also, on the "Some Texas Artists Like to Paint" blog, the additional theme of having a piece of artwork dealing with the tragic incident of the Gulf Oil Spill is featured. So I wrote a poem and did another painting/decoupage in acylics on 10x20 canvasboard called "Sorrow". Here it is.....

Cya down the road.......................... James


  1. James, you made my day..okay, my week!! I am delighted with both pieces you put in my book. Your humor and joi de vivre shines don't need to dream, you live it!

  2. Well, James, you've bested yourself again with this latest blog. The Texas vignette is outstanding - an award is there for you. Looks like things are going well for you and pups. The Flying Moleskin is humorous and creative. Stay cool!!!

  3. Excellent dream sketches for Dana and they both made me smile! Absolutely beautiful piece showing Texas animals, James! Hope you enjoy your new job!

  4. These pieces you did for Dana are wonderful, James, and your Texas wildlife piece is stunning. A very powerful poem too. I hope all goes well with your new job!

  5. Excellent job, James! Texas wildlife is very well represented.
    I must say a sad "Amen" to your poem.

  6. Dear Mr James
    Your poem touched my heart. The painting with it- had more feeling than I can express.

  7. Dear James, your poem and painting are so in touch with what I've been feeling - so sad that it takes a tragedy such as this to wake us up. Your Texas Wildlife piece is really great - I learn so much about your side of the world every day.

  8. your poem is so true and there in lies the solution to the problem. we need a fix and not a band aid for a way out of this carbon society.
    Thanks, James.