Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Hummingbird & One Hawk

I'm still dragging somewhat...duh! Sure hope to get back to firing on all cylinders before too long. Anyway, I've had Dean Haven's journal for The Flying Moleskins for a while. Got a little surge of energy and grabbed my brushes and paints. Dean left the door open for choice of subject, and, wouldn't you know it a hawk flew in....pursued by an angry hummingbird. The hawk didn't stand a chance. I have presented my paintings of these two before the carnage began.

I've got Adebanji Alade's journal now....poverty and homelessness. Now that should be a challenge. Hm-m-m-m.
See ya down the road.....James


  1. Both of your paintings are really nice! Would love to see more when you are feeling better! Hope it is SOON!

  2. James, these are both very nice. I'm sure Dean will be pleased. Waiting to see Adebanji's.

  3. Beautiful job on these diametrically opposing birds, James. Please tell me there was no real carnage...please???!!!

  4. James,
    Your work is fabulous. Did you notice that the 2 birds you mention painting ostrich and penguin are flightless birds but these are out of the ordinary flying birds. I see you as those... an incredible painter/man that has a lot to offer all.
    I see it also in the painting Camille did for you of the flying / jumping dog that you are getting ready to leap into a wonderful season.
    I'm so happy you pushed your self to make these. The shadow in the hawks eye and his beak are stunning.

  5. WOW! Thanks, James! I am stunned by the excellent job on these two. I am greatly honored.
    I do hope the hummingbird didn't hurt the hawk too much.

  6. Poor little hawk - hope he survived! Great to see you grabbing your brushes again James, but I can understand that layoff of the computer stuff - I need to get back as well!

  7. James,
    I always love seeing your work - the attention to detail, your color choices. Love both of these. Nice to see you posting again.
    God's blessings.

  8. Miss your challenge but your painting is great. So privileged to vist... Have a great day

  9. Hi Mr James
    Do you remember me? I came to visit you,,, and say hi.
    The painting of the hawk and the hummingbirda are splendorious.
    I miss you

  10. Just popped into see how you are doing. Beautiful work James, love the birds. Miss your challenge - look forward to "working" with you again!

  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS JAMES ! I hope all is well my friend !