Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sorta Back in the BlogSaddle...Y'all

First Off...On June 1, I will draw a name from those that comment on the Empty Easel Post of May 8. It's about "Our Blog Community" and Dan was gracious enough to print it. The name I draw will receive an original frog painting or a custom pet portrait from me. It isn't exactly like winning the lottery....but it's pretty close.


Next, we have Windows to the Words April Challenge...Children, Part 2. There are 11 postings for the three subject photos. They are quite nice and can be viewed by clicking HERE. The May Challenge is Sunrises/Sunsets for artists and writers. This subject should really appeal to artists...lotsa color and lotsa latitude. Writers should take notice....beautiful thoughts and words should spring forth on these subjects like "Black Gold" on the Beverly Hillbillies Farm. And there has already been a few submissions on the WTTW Writing site, which you can view by clicking HERE. I invite you all to participate.
These are my 3 renditions, which I hope
won't place me before a firing squad of irate parents and grandparents.......

Maggie Mayer's daughter...the Little Gymnast"

Cathyann Burgess' grandson Cole
Two of my little buddies from Bocas del Toro, Panama

Nancy, the big-hearted, multi-talented, and infinitely-patient originator of Every Photo Tells A Story honored me again by selecting and posting "Sushi Tragedy"...a previous painting I had done on a Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge. I naturally had to offer a couple of poems to fit the occasion, which Pokey and TacoBelle got a few chuckles from...but they have never been known for their good taste. One was a limerick. I hadn't written a limerick since I got suspended from high school for inscribing questionable ones in the boy's gym locker room. :-) Nancy made me promise not to mention it on my blog till the day after she posted it. So I didn't. But you can check it out by clicking HERE.

And,,,Sheila Tajima, the big sweetie, gave me a very special blog award....pictured on the right.
It represents positivity and problem solving. Well, this blog is positively running long, so I'm gonna post the details and my pass-along choices on my next post. But thank
you so very much, Sheila for this very flattering award.

And Finally...Diana, Eat Your Heart Out!!!
It broke my heart to miss the submission deadline for Karin's last challenge...Statue of Diana
and her dog. I had it finished in time, but the only Internet connection I had available was by carrier pigeon. But I am presenting it now. The reference photo she had provided showed the actual statue, with the admiring dog (more like the "Hound of the Basketballs" to me) looking up at her.
You can check the DSFDF site for the many excellent submiss
ions. Well, I put Snoopy in there instead of Cujo. And when it comes to admiring dogs, I refer you to my new profile photo with Pokey and TacoBelle in reverent awe.
Ow...Pokey just nipped my ankle for being boastful, or sumtin. Anyway...I rest my case.


  1. Hi James! I hope to win your frog painting. This one looks gorgeous and deadly. You are the master of frog painters. Congrats on your blog award! Well deserved. I love your Diana with Snoopy. lol Have a great weekend!

  2. The E.E. article is great, James. Love your new profile pic with the adoring and adorable gang! Beautiful portraits of the WTW kids, and of Diana and Snoopy (lol!!!).
    Congrats on your award from Sheila and inclusion in EPTAS. well deserved.

  3. James: I still think you bribed the pups into posing like that. Or, you wore liver scented cologne:)

    Congrats on your award from Sheila, love Snoopy with Diana and the other three paintings. And, I'll gladly comment on your wonderful article as soon as you advise how!

    P.S. It's not 5:00 AM my time. I just want that noted so people don't think I blog 24/7 (lol

  4. You posts always entertain me so much James!
    Congrats on your award!! Snoopy is the best!

  5. James, this is a great new look for you pardner. Love the blue jeans and gloves on that frog...wonderful painting. Really enjoyed your bit on the DFFDF's, very well written as usual.

  6. Hi, James...Great article for Empty Easel! You covered a lot of ground in it...well done.
    You may think I'm stupid (and you're probably right) but I can't find how to leave a comment at the Empty Easel site.

  7. James, welcome back and congratulations on your award! Diana's dog is stunning! I have never been to Wimberly Texas, I hope you will tell us all about it... Love that picture of you with the critterpups.
    many pughugs from Flower Mound....

  8. jpolderndirt2@yahoo.comMay 10, 2009 at 6:40 AM

    Thanks for the great comments you all...makes my heart sing. I've been gradually visiting y'all's blogs and getting simply mind-"bloggled" over the incredible talent and artwork. Nancy...Wimberly is out of this world as an art-of-all-kinds community..quaint, friendly and awesome. In a couple of days, I will go over there and spend a day or two and come back and post some neat pics. EPTAS and Dean...I can't figure out how to leave comments on Empty Easel either...I'll ask Dan. Cya in a bit...James

  9. Glad you are back to blogging. Love your photo and the frog is fantastic.

  10. I'm with Nancy , I think there's a piece of bacon under that hat !!!!!
    Great post fabbbbulus DSFDF and the kids and congrats on the award.

  11. Your posts are always funny.
    Diana and Snoopy are D best!!!! LOL.

  12. Hey, Glad to meet you face to face! Great article!!!! I feel that way too, among all the others here. Welcome back, James. I am catching up with all the challenges too...have one for May for ya... happy painting!Best to you as always.

  13. So good to see you and all of your work again! Beautiful work! I especially love that Snoopy. ;)

  14. Great to have you back James and thank you for making me laugh (again) - love Diana and Snoopy!

  15. James, I didn't realize at first that this was a permanent move for you and not a 'vacation'. Hope you are getting some rest and settling in just fine.
    Nice work on your DSDF article, but you are a great writer just in general too.

    Welcome back to the good old USA!