Saturday, September 19, 2009


Michelle Burnett's Following the Masters Challenge for this month was Western Scenes. She had some marvelous submissions...really great artwork. I went up to my niece's home and took a picture of one of her Texas Gardens and painted it for Michelle's challenge. Here it is...

Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge had cupcakes on parade as its theme. So I did this one for it.

The "Cats Up" Challenge on WTTW is in full swing, and the paintings that have been submitted are grand. Click HERE to check em out. One kitty seemed to have gotten the wrong idea about the challenge, and went down the wrong path....illustrated below.

The economy seems to be on the rebound, but there's still a bunch of unemployment out there. Some of the job lay-offs can produce unexpected results. Such as in this photo that a friend sent me...

And....some friends of mine returned from a trip up North and took some pictures of Mount Rushmore. Then they went up to Canada and took pictures of Mount Rushmore from the Canadian side. You know, I've always wondered.......

Cya round the bend.....


  1. The Texas wall/garden painting is really nice - should sell for a high price. The cupcakes look familiar - did you eat some here? Some of your blogger friends should snap up some of the $10 ACEO's you have on your Daily Pain Things. I'm trying to choose which I want.

  2. I LOOVVEEE your DSFDF curp-cakes! You stole the show!

  3. Great job as always on Michelle's challenge! I think I'll try and start on yours today.

  4. Great job with the challenges, James -- the DSFDF one is a riot.

  5. LOL James love the rushmore behinds. Your submissions are wonderful for both Karen and Michelle's blogs. I still have not gotten to draw my kitty but still hope to get it done.

  6. Thank you James for making me laugh! Love your cupcakes! Am in the middle of your challenge - must get back to it!