Friday, September 25, 2009

YIKES...Self-Portrait - WTTW Cats - Pokey and TacoBelle Frantic

I hopped right on Michelle Burnett's Following the Masters Challenge for this month because it is on a subject that sends chills up and down my spine and makes me reach for the Excedrin....SELF-PORTRAITS. Now, I think it so much more interesting (and less painful) to be painting raccoons or birds or wildflowers than to have to face a picture of myself for long enough to paint a self-portrait. But...I knew that if I didn't do it right away, that I'd put it off and it never would get done. And, out of the 4, 812 blog artists I admire, Michelle is right there near the top of my list. So here I am, I think it actually does sorta look like me.
NOTICE!!!! (Added to blog, Sunday Sep 27, 2:30 PM CST... I've extended the deadline for submitting artwork for Cats Up until midnight, Oct. 5 (judging will be Oct. 6)
Next...Only 5 more days left of WTTW Cats Up Challenge (prizes with this one). So paint a cat. Draw a cat. Sketch a cat. Spay a cat. Barbecue a cat. No...scratch that last one...Pokey put me up to that.
I did 3 of em, and I just put one of em here. You can see the others (along with some really good ones) b
y clicking HERE. Oh...and a comment on my "Happy Cat"...I started not to do that one because I was sure I couldn't paint it without making it look like a cartoon. I was right.

I'm trying to post at least 4 or 5 ACEOs a week on Daily Pain Things. I am selling these for only $10.00 PP until the first of the year. You may want to check it out. Ad paid for by Starving Artists and Painters Society.

I will have some details on the upcoming "Texas Paint Out" rescheduled for October on my next blog. Should be and ideal for bringing the best out in the "mud daubers". Fingers crossed.

And last....Pokey and TacoBelle came
to me all upset and frantic this morning. Pokey told me about this Labor Day they had in a town not far from here where they were eating real dogs as hot dogs and showed me the picture below. She thought that Tweedles had got lost and was about to be munched down for supper. And that wasn't Tweedles, but Tweedles' long lost second cousin, twice removed. I told her they weren't eating the dogs, just dressing them up for Halloween.

Seems Texas has had problems down at the border with illegal aliens, but I didn't know all the details of the situation until TacoBelle showed me this photo. Weird, huh?

Remember, ability and talent are meaningless unless they are put to the test of action.
Cya down the road...... James


  1. I LOVE did such an amazing job on all of the paintings! Especially that self-portrait! (and of course, Figaro too) I've got some "cat"ching up to do!

  2. WONDERFUL self portrait, my friend, and a great job with the curious kitten. Hilarious "border problem" photo!

  3. Hi Mr James Parker
    Wowweeee did you ever do a fantastic job on your self portrait! That is incredible! And the kitten- how adorable- good job!
    I am glad to say that no one is eating me- like Pokey and Taco Belle thought- please tell them I am safe and sound.
    Thanks for coming by to visit and for the sweet words you left me.
    I love you

  4. Great job on your self portrait. My son loved the picture of the 'hot' dogs.

  5. Your portrait is fantastic James and so is the kitten.
    The "hot dogs" are hot diggity dogs! Love them!

  6. Great job, James. I see a little Paul Newman in that face. Very nice job on the kitten too.
    Always love your posts...they never fail to make me smile or even laugh out loud. The "hotdogs" are priceless!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful self portrait .I love your funny pictures they are a crack up !

  8. About the cupcakes I was thinking of you when I painted them and wondering if you were going for something like a hand reaching for one. Keep those pictures coming your humor is so needed. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. VERY GOOD PORTRAIT, JAMES!!!!! We're all waiting for the next posting.

  10. Great job on your self portrait caught it!

  11. EXCELLENT self portrait James!! You rock!!

  12. Thanks y'all. Gwen...Paul Newman? LOL...maybe it's that bit of salad dressing caught in my mustache.

  13. Jim, I had to come see your website and am simply enchanted. Your self-portrait is amazing (in fact, I thought you looked familiar) and your sense of humor is a delight. Are you a pipe smoker? So is my husband and collecting pipes is his not-so-secret passion!

  14. HA! Another great start to the day. Good art! Good fun! Thanks James!

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