Friday, October 23, 2009

Spooky Stuff...AND...Georgetown, Texas Art Show

Windows to the Words "Scary Stuff" is underway...and I'll make it a habit to post the first entry here on JPA. All the way from Capetown, South Africa...Liz Pearson. And .., one by me.

Liz Pearson

"Your Pizza's Here"
James Parker


This past weekend, October 17-18, Georgetown had a marvelous art show under gorgeous blue skies and perfectm temps. Over 150 artists participated and I thought I'd introduce some old Texas artist friends and new ones...and a couple of Out-of-Staters.
Click their nam
e to visit their site.

Teri Jo McReynolds

Teri is pictured on the left with some escapee from the retirement home. She is from San Antonio. teaches art, is a fan of San Miguel, Mexico, and is represented at Goode Art Company (where I first saw her work) in Fredricksburg...and much more.

Acree, from Houston, is pictured on the left with his daughter, Karen (hope I remembered correctly) The bozo on the right wandered in from the street. To say that Acree is an interesting fellow is like saying the Grand Canyon is a little ditch. He has more tales to share than there are tales....a true kindred spirit. You can really have an enjoyable experience by visiting his site and blog. And, as you can see from his rendition of Zoey the tiger...he is an accomplished artist.

Betty Nash

Betty is from Denison and is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. Well deserved. Her style of chiaroscuro caught my attention...and her little playful, whimsical additions to some of her
paintings kinda reminded me of someone else who sticks little "winkies" in his work.

Mark Williams

There is just "something" about chiaroscuro (strong light/dark contrast) that fascinates me. Mark Williams is very good at this style of the old masters. Mark is from Austin, and is just beginning his art career. His prices for his quality work were very, very reasonable (cheap, really). A visit to his site might prove worthwhile.

Rita Kirkman

Rita is from New Braunfels. She does realism in pastels. When I do pastels I wind up with realism of very dirty, smudgy hands. We had a long visit, and aside from outstanding artwork, she has a bubbly personality and a super positive outlook. The cow looking at you from the left side is Terrence. You were thinking Elsie, maybe? Rita also has a neat blogspot.. click HERE

Cody Cass

Being a wildlife artist myself, with a partiality to rainforest and jungle life, I was attracted to Cody's work like a moth to a searchlight. He passed my scrutinous eye with flying colors (and a bit of envy) His work is magnificent. He doesn't have his website quite up and running yet ( but I'll just bet you'll hear more from him. Cody is from Leander.

Charles Ellison Nelda Boren Smith

Thes two delightful folks are from Franklin. Charles is a masterful wildlife of his works is pictured in the background. Nelda does some intriguing, spirited, colorful horses, and other subjects. Ihad a picture of Nelda's work, but can't find it...I'll post it later.

y Arth

Gregory is pictured here with his wife. The circus must be in town, judging from the lost clown in the background. Gregory has a distinct style that is mind-boggling. His celebrity portraits are super. And his website is out ofthis world. He was celebrating his birthday at showtime and they were about to celebrate their anniversary. They are from Colleyville.

Beth Erlund

I noticed Beth's booth because she was from Morrison, Colorado...same place as Saundra Galloway, the young lady who just presented me with the little snow bunny painting. I was captivated by Beth's batik work. I still don't know much about batik...but it's neat.

Roderick Stevens

Hailing from Sierra Vista, Arizona, Roderick is an artist after my own taste. He is photo-realistic with a kick. He even touts his work with a disclaimer... "Not a photograph!" Roderick is on the rebound, so to speak, and has a very interesting and uplifting story to tell. His artwork and blog are definitely worth checking out.

That's it for now....see ya down the road..... James


  1. WOW, this is a great blog James. Love all the info on these artists and what fun you must have had to meet them all.

  2. Loved all the pics James!! I love meeting other artists!! What fun!!

  3. Wow Mr James
    You met a lot of famous new artists.
    That must have been so fun.
    You ALWAYS have fun- that is JUST YOU.
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Amazing art here and thank you for introducing me some some other talented artists as well.
    This is a great post

  5. What an interesting blog entry, James! I am just in awe over that tree with the perspective of standing under it. It looks like you got around quite a bit! Who is minding your booth?

  6. James - glad you were able to meet so many celebrated artists during your visit to Georgetown and glad the nice Fall weather made it enjoyable for everyone.

  7. Gosh James, a mine of information on all these wonderful artists! And thank you for the honour of posting my painting on your much loved and well read blog. Your pizza delivery man is great!

  8. What a wonderful show James! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Howdy James! Wow, what a wonderful art show...looks like a great time. Also love "Your Pizza's Here"'re always so much fun!

  10. really enjoy the variety of art shown and you have such a way of making us enjoy whatever you are writing about. Glad to see you on miniaturearts on yahoo and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my humble blog. You and the others are why I keep pushing to learn more. thanks for being a great mentor.

  11. James, pretty soon you will be best friends with EVERY artist in Texas! What a great day you had, you were so busy, and it looks like you must have walked around the show for hours, yet your tennis shoes stayed white as snow. : ) sending you and the pups warm hugs from Dallas

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog James! I haven't had time for any challenges lately...So many miniature shows, so little time!

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