Friday, October 2, 2009

The Lighter Side of Edward Burton and Artist 'sMagazine Entries

One day I'm gonna put up a blog analyzing why we blog. For now, I'll just say I blog to show off my art and share art tips and ideas, of course. BUT...I think the REAL reason I blog is to try to entertain. I have a weird sense of humor, and I like to inflict it on others. So, let's start off with the good stuff first.

This blog is kinda about aging, which I'm doing. I'm trying to eat better...more fruits and veggies, etc. Well...ED BURTON (an exceptionally talented artist and my buddy by the bay...visit his site for awe and inspiration by clicking HERE) seems to have a friend who likes fruits and veggies "disturbed art creations"....makes me want to grab an avocado and an Exacto knife. Ed shared these with me, and now I'm sharing em with you.

Extremely rare Butterfly.....Lepedoptera Appleicus

Watering the Melon

Remember that old B-Movie, Killer Tomatoes? Well..............

Next, I'm addicted to writing poems for "Every Photo Tells A Story"...a delightful blog site that features great artwork and writing....check it out by clicking the photo on the right. Today's photo was of three old geezers sitting on a park bench reminiscing about old times. I wrote my poem "I Remember What I almost Forgot" and then reflected some more on getting older. So when I picked up my E-Mail, there was ED BURTON sharing some more with me. Others are aging also....which makes me feel better? Hmmmm. Anyway, let me share with you a few others who are adding on the years (and pounds?)

Barbie Turns 50...... (and 250)

"Puddy Tat? Puddy Tat? Who Cares? Tweetie at 60
Linda Carter? Calling Linda Carter. We need you, Linda Carter.

Speaking of old geezers....Artist's Magazine has just sponsored a competition for artists over 60 years of age....which excludes most of you all. The deadline was September 30 and the top ten chosen by the jury will receive $100 and a feature in the March issue. I submitted 4 for the com
petition....wish me luck.

"Moon Dog on the Streets of Granada, Nicaragua"
MoonDog was a sweet old dog that kinda attached himself to Me and Pokey and TacoBelle. Totally useless, but rather endearing. I visited Granada, Nicaragua quite often, and took a lot of pictures of the neat streets and scenery there. I plan on using more of those backgrounds and add elements to them.

"TacoBelle at the Door In Granada, Nicaragua"
This is the third version of this painting. I had posted a larger version of it several months ago. I sold both previous paintings and this one I just finished (12 x 16 acrylic on canvas) for another customer.

"Back Steps Beggar"

I have posted this one previously. It is a pezote, or coati mundi on the back steps of MINAE (Costa Rica's Environment Agency). I painted it last year and OTS (Organization for Tropical Studies) used it for their Holiday greeting cards.

"Egret on the Rocks"
I have posted this one earlier, too. Caught this photo of an egret on the Sarapiqui River in Costa Rica a year and a half ago.

And finally....3 more days for WTTW "
Cats Up" challenge. I've had some delightful submissions (see em HERE), but there's still plenty of kitty litter left undisturbed, so send me your art. Next month's challenge will be "SCARY STUFF", and I'll post those reference photos Sunday on Windows to the Words.

Thought for the Blog....It seems the more timesaving devices you accumulate, the less leisure time you have. Have a good weekend & CYA down the road.


  1. We DO wish you a big WIN on your submissions to Artists Magazine. Today blog was really good and the Ed Burton pictures too funny.

  2. Too cute! Good luck on the contest!

  3. I know you'll do well with the contest. You and I are both Edward fans.

    As for the old and fat commentary, was the fact you posted mostly female subjects a conscious decision?

  4. Thank you for your very kind comments, James, much appreciated! Also, I'm with everyone else wishing you luck with the contest and knowing that you'll do well with it.

  5. So enjoying your sense of humor, James. I look forward to your next entry.

  6. Wow, so many things to comment on. I'm with you, constantly pondering on why we blog. Of course, that's a whole other blog. Thanks for sharing the fruit via Edward Burton's friend. Very cute and funny. Great paintings for the submissions...I especially like the composition of Moondog. In a couple of years, I can submit to that contest! woops..did I say that?! Good Luck!

  7. Oh I do so hope you win this contest! And thanks as always, for making me laugh!

  8. Hi Mr James Parker
    I wish you lots of luck on your competition
    You mentioned Ed Burton- I think he is a grand artist!
    I also love that you enjoy entertaining us. Gee, we need someone to do that. You do a mighty good job. You'v made us SMILE a lot!
    I love Every Photo Tells a Story too. I go there and read your poems and everyone else who writes too. You are a GRAND poet- and yes, I did notice you were addicted. Do you see me visit and feed the fish?

  9. I sure enjoyed the ride. Also all your posts. I hope your excellent paintings do well in the contest and I'm looking forward to a post on the why of blogging. I really appreciate your comments on my blog. The positive feedback means a lot.

  10. Thanks for coming over & inviting me on the ride...(I can still drive, if you're too old!)...(hope you're not already sorry you invited me.) It looks fun over here.
    I like your self-portrait!!

  11. Thanks for the comments. And Jill...I'm actually somewhat younger that most of the rocks you'll find in your garden. And Tweedles...yes we fed the fish. Now when can we catch em & fry em up? Catherine...You might be eligible to submit in what? say 20 years or so? Autumn....I'm looking forward to your next visit, so lemme get my blog-brain functioning.

  12. Oh...and Sheila...the preponderance of female examples in the "old and fat" was totally coincidental (I think Tweety Bird is an "It") To atone, check my next blog for the quintessential "super-guy" gone downhill.

  13. How cool is "Watering the Melon"?! LOVE IT!!!!!

  14. I was wondering-- could you point me to the website of the artist who made those fruit and vegetable carvings, or perhaps just give me his or her name? Some 15-year-old kid has posted the fruit and vegetable photos on her gallery site, and is claiming that they're her own work... which I HIGHLY doubt. However, I can't properly report her to the site authorities without concrete proof that they aren't hers.

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