Monday, October 12, 2009

WTTW Winners...I'm a Winner, Too...and other stuff

First,,. I've received several E-Mails from followers/visitors who have thanked me for posting the "Enjoy the Ride" video on the side bar for easy access. A few folks are making it a regular practice to click for a "lift".
I start my day with it. If the world would go by the contents of that video, then half the newspapers would belly up from lack of bad news to report.

I'm running late posting this blog. Normally I procrastinate, but this time I just put it off. :-) Actually I've been caught up with a plethora of activities that played havoc with my schedule. I sowwy .

Windows to the Words "Cats Up" challenge ended with some really nice submissions that you can view by clicking HERE. And the winners of the challenge and the details of this month's "Scary Stuff" challenge can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Normally I don't get the least excited about winning anything. Every day I open my E-Mail and see that I have won 2 million pounds in the Irish Lottery,
or been selected to distribute $500,000 from a long lost cousin in Nigeria. I have worn out two delete buttons. So when I ran ac
ross an E-Mail saying "Yippee... You've Won" my fingers crept toward that button. But I opened it up and "lo and behold".... a legitimate surprise. It was from Saundra Galloway. Her blog, Art for Life, is fascinating. In addition to being cute as a ladybug, Saundra is an exceptional artist with some neat techniques for her art and collages. She also weaves an interesting story and tidbits of info into a neat little learning braid. This ability may result from her being a teacher. Anyway, a while back, I read her blog concerning them problems in teaching, and kinda identified with it. My two daughters are teachers, married to teachers, and I've heard some horror stories. I joined her followers. And was notified by the fore-mentioned E-Mail that I was her 75th follower and would be honored by a gift of a 4x4 of my choice.

The decision was a booger, because she had such neat artworks displayed to choose from. At first I wa
s drawn to the "Night Aspens" pictured on the left. But when I spotted the "Snow Bunnies" pictured on the right I was blown away and fell in love with em. I don't get overly excited about much, but I am really looking forward to receiving these little furballs. Incidentally, Saundra is the snow bunny in the center...from Colorado. Please visit her delightful blog by clicking her photo or HERE.

Next, Sheila Tajima fussed at me last blog f
or only including FEMALES on my humor comments and pictures of aging ungracefully and overweight over-the-hillers. To make amends, I present the photo below....the statue of David in recent times. I was told that this happened over a period of time following the introduction of MacDonald's into Europe.

I've recently had my shoulder "cried on" by a couple of fellow artists/artisans who have been having very little success in marketing their work.... even to the point of considering themselves failures. I told them to cheer up...things will get better. And showed them a few photos of real failure. I share them with you, below:

After a brief respite from mud daubing, I'm back at the canvas with some little small stuff like the "Wrangler" Wraccoon shown below. I am working some larger items, one of which I hope to enter in the Wet Canvas competition that ends October 31.
AND .... One of my favoritest blogs is Every Photo Tells A Story. I submit my little poem every post. If I'm unable to get to a Internet location to post it, I get to Jonesing and shaking, and pouting, and actually very hard to live with. Nancy, of EPTAS was gracious enough to present another of my paintings this last post....Two Frogs. This one was from my earlier Costa Rican days, when I painted as Yimi. I had chosen Yimi, because that's what folks called me, and I thought a one word painting name would be a cool Rembrandt or Michaelangelo. Nope. Click HERE to check out Every Photo Tells a Story.

Thought for the Blog.... Money is like rainfall. Sometimes there's too much of it in the wrong places, and not enough of it in others.

Cya down the road........................... James


  1. James, I am blushing at the nice words you've said here! Thank you for such kindness! I really enjoy your blog...the humor you interject is just what we need to keep from taking ourselves to seriously! Your raccoon is adorable. Black and blue are a favorite color combo for me in clothing...I see you've intertwined both in this delightful piece! And, the frogs...what can I say...they made me smile nearly as big as they were smiling! I painted one for my daughter years ago, and I see she still has it up. FUN subjects! Good luck on the contests, and I'll be sending your painting out today or tomorrow...We are fighting a bit of ice on our driveway, so I'm hoping for the sun to help me get down it! Thank you again!

  2. Such a fun post, it was worth the wait!

  3. James, I always enjoy your sense of humor; the art is a bonus! Thank you!

  4. Thanks again for making me laugh James! As Autumn Leaves says, the art is a bonus! Love the frogs. And, wow, I got second prize in the Cats challenge. I am flabbergasted and overwhelmed. A thousand thank yous!

  5. As always, I leave with a smile and a lightness of being after reading your post. How lucky for you to get such a warm piece of artwork. I agree with your choice.
    Best, Cathyann

  6. James, thank you for making us laugh. Your post's are always such a delight.

  7. Mr. James..... your blog always, always puts a huge smile on my face and also cracks me up!!

  8. It IS fun to read your weekly blogs - don't know where you find all your inspiration. Still waiting to see some more wildflower paintings - am planting some seeds now for next Spring blooms.

  9. If making your audience smile is your goal!! You've won! I admit I really laughed at the poor guy skiing...

    I'm glad you've begun posting more frequently as I missed your adventures and misadventures!!

  10. Well, that was a whole lot of fun to read! Your raccoon painting is whimsical and charming...and Congratulations on winning that nice bunny painting. (nearly deleted your notification-haha..I can relate).

  11. What a great prize you have chosen. Thats a wonderful bunny furball painting.
    I know what you mean about winning things, as I seem to be the winner of every bank fiasco, credit card scam, million dollar jackpot and even an Iraqi soldier asking me to take his money. . .scam.
    Your blog is full of great art, humor and heart warming sentiment. Rich in content.
    I'll be back, as someone once said.