Monday, June 28, 2010

Reflection...And Catching Up

Aside from computer problems, trying to get used to the heat, adjusting to my new greenhouse job, several artwork projects, and a general depletion of any available energy...I am wa-a-a-ay behind on blogging and blog-visiting. I hope to get back on track I'll keep this one short.

Windows to the Words challenge for June is "Reflections" There haven't been many submissions, but the ones submitted are very nice...and you can view them by clicking HERE. And...there's still time to send one in...I'll post all entries received by Sunday, July 4. Pictured above are my 3 submissions. Next month's challenge is a dog portrait exchange, but I haven't received many dog pictures for that one. I hope to have at least a dozen or so....see more info by clicking HERE.

Instead of some humorous pics, I'll save those for next blog and leave you with an absolutely marvelous video my sister sent me. This short video has magnificent scenery, incredible wildlife shots, beautiful music and a truly inspiring message. In the midst of the Oil Spill tragedy, this video is so appropriate to remind us of what we have..and what we cannot afford to lose. Click CREATION CALLS.

Cya down the road....... James


  1. These are terrific James! How did you get that background??

    I hope you get enough doggie pics - I'm looking forward to this one.

  2. I get the depletion of energy, James. I'm with you there. Love the images of your reflections series too.

  3. James... long time, no chat. Sounds like you've got plenty of irons in the fire. Great to see your new pieces of work. Hope all is well. Stay cool.


  4. That background is just a neutral color and then get out the old toothbrush and spatter away.

  5. The reflection paintings are all beautiful - can see right through the bottles and the rocks are so pretty. Glad you are back to blogging but know that the paying job comes first.

  6. Beautiful job with the paintings, James! I'll have to look into the dog challenge.

  7. Excellent I have added you to my new blog list

  8. No matter what you do, it is always excellent.
    I went to the ocean and saw all our Sea Friends.
    I have missed you

  9. Beautiful work, James! Hope you are doing well!