Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healthy Pelican = Flying Moleskins - RedNeck Shots

A couple of blogs ago, I pictured an oil-soaked Brant's Comorant (I think). I painted this Momma Brown Pelican and her two chicks the way our wild life should look. It's a 12 x 30 Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas with image extended on edges.

In the incredibly delightful "Flying Moleskin" project, I had Irit Bourla's journal, and her theme is "PLACES". Well....there are a lot of places. Over a thousand, I think. To narrow the choices, I just picked the four places I've lived...Texas, Louisiana, Costa Rica and Florida. And did a little cartoon-like vignette of each, showing a few highlights. It was fun to do and I hope she likes it.
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A few mornings ago, I dropped by an old red-neck buddy's place. He was in the middle of whipping up some breakfast......
He asked me to join him, but the eggs were a little too greenish for my taste, so I moseyed on over to the Blanco Cafe ...."The Bowling Alley (yes, that is the name of the cafe). I always carry my camera at the ready for spectacular shots, but all I got was these photos of things you're likely to run across in these parts..
.Cya down the road........................ James


  1. Always entertaining , nice painting also...keep it up.

  2. As usual, VERY GOOD!!!! The vignette does depict the things that are indicative of that place - know you enjoyed living in each of them. The pelican painting is great.

  3. Oh James, besides making me laugh, that pelican and her chicks is absolutely beautiful! You also have the most fertile imagination and I know Irit is going to love your rendition of 'places'.

  4. Those car photos had me laughing aloud, James! I must say that Irit is so lucky to have these small vignettes of places you've been. I love each wonderfully detailed little painting! Gorgeous!

  5. Love the pelicans and the moleskin paintings, James. Beautiful job.

  6. You crack me up!! Great way to start the day! :-)

    Great paintings, James. I especially like to see the healthy pelican painting. Does my heart good!

  7. Oh, those photos are a hoot. And your paintings are wonderful as always, James. Full of color and life - like you!
    stay cool.

  8. You pelican painting is spectacular and I love what you've done with Irit's sketchbook!

    PS. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  9. I can relate with the lack of energy and time spent blogging and painting due to a regular job. But when you post you put on a show !
    The pelican and babies are so beautiful and I cant believe that is a real cow/steer in that car !?!?

  10. Great posts as usual. Love that humor. God bless and keep it going