Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chipmunk Chew

Gary Kiemeg's Wildlife Challenge (Click HERE) for this month is the cute little chipmunk pictured above.

With puffy cheeks like that, he has to be a double bubble I painted him as above.

Aside from being miserably busy and busy being miserable (kidding)....I've had computer problems. You may have had problems such as I have had. Click the image below and see if your computer and you have had similar experiences.


  1. Absolutely phenomenal capture of that dried wood pattern, James. And your sense of humor is intact!

  2. Oh I'm never going to hit my computer again! Gosh, but you make me laugh James, thank you. And I love the chipmunk! Your imagination knows no bounds.

  3. YES, YES!!!!! We know the feeling when our computer acts up - can't live with it and can't live without it - sounds like some marriages. After screaming at it a few times, sweet talk sometimes works miracles.

  4. LOL!! Oh, James so funny. Love the little bubble-blowing chipmunk, and, while I'm currently on good terms with my laptop, I think my printer may be planning an attack.