Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hmmm...between weird Internet connections, artwork commissions, family activities, readjusting to the U.S., feeding my dogs and finding a place to hang my Stetson....my blog life hasn't come close to reaching an acceptable and sane level. Please don't give up on me.

The May 8 blog featuring the Empty Easel had 20 comments. I wrote every commentor's name on a piece of paper and drew one...Michelle Burnett. So, Michelle will be getting an original 8 x 10 frog painting from me to hang in her closet, or under the sink, or some other appropriate place.

My son, Mark, his wife Melinda, and their two boys, Tyler and Andrew.
Fairly normal looking......huh?

Their Dog, Lola Lou.
Fairly abnormal looking....huh?

My son, Mark, and his wife, Melinda, and their two boys, Tyler and Andrew have two dogs. Those two dogs are, to say the least, unusual. One of them belongs to a breed that has the dubious distinction of being selected as the "World's Ugliest Dog" for two years in a row. Above is the picture of "Lola Lou" an African crested. Despite having one eye weird, paws like an alien, splotches like a Jackson Pollock project, and hair in strange places, she is very lovable. Except nervous and afraid of everything...if you sneeze, she'll go hide in the corner and wonder what she did to offend you. Below is the reference photo I used, and my finished "Poochtrait".

And below, is their other dog, Piddles. An age old chihuahuamutt
that is half blind, very feeble, goes around sticking her tongue out all the time, but would do anything in the world for you...sweet dog.

So I've started doing pet portraits big time. I've already done a few and hope to get better as I go along. I've got pet shops in the area supplied with a little poster and order forms...with their commission and ten bucks going to the local animal shelter. You can see more "Poochtraits" on Daily Pain Things by clicking DPT

And Windows to the Words finished May with not too many submissions for the Sunrise/Sunset challenge, but those submitted were nice. This month's challenge is Old Fo
lks..Love them wrinkles. And below is just one of the references for this month....submitted by Liz Holmes. You can see the others by clicking WTTW.

Thought for the Blog: It is often easier to try, than to prove it can't be done.


  1. I can't wait to try and paint a wrinkly person! I love old people and am happy that this is the next challenge for WTTW! Your family is lovely and their puppy is... erm.... cute!! lol just joking- it's really a cute little doggy!

  2. Wow! How lucky am I? Thanks James! I will hang it proudly and prominately!

    What a great looking family you have. Love your "poochtraits" too!

  3. I'm going to paint Mother Theresa for the WTW challenge...I read her autobiography, and she was an amazing woman. I think she would've cracked up at your dog photos!!

  4. James, you have a lovely family, and Lola Lou looks like a real character. She must be fun to have around, and your pet portraits of both her and Piddles are very sweet.

  5. You've got some cute grandkids, James. The two-legged and four-legged ones! Lola Lou is lucky she's a dog. Because us dog lovers still find her adorable.

    And, some mighty fine Poochtraits (the ones on your Daily Pain Things blog, too.)

    Yay, Michelle, Liz, and your Wrinkly theme for June. That ought to be interesting.

  6. Howdy James, Texas misses you but I bet you are glad to be home. Your family is wonderful and their doggies are certainly not boring! You did a great job on those pet portraits, good luck with your commissions. What a great cause!
    pughugs from Texas...

  7. Beautiful family and their dogs are fantastic!
    I'll send pet portrait requests your way if you'd like - I get asked to do them occasionally and it's not my forte!

  8. Hi Mr James Parker
    Oh what a beautiful family you have-grandkids and adorable sweet dogs.
    And the paintings of Lola Lou, and Piddles are so magnificent. You do such nice, nice work. What talent you have.
    My moms love the painting you did of me, and everyone in the world loves it too.
    Wow, congratualtions to the lucky lady Mechelle for being the winner! Wow.

  9. Michelle sure is a lucky woman.
    Love the dog portraits, James!

  10. Hello James!!
    Love the pics of the fam! Pretty great looking! Love your pet portraits!!

  11. Hi, James! We know you've been busy busy busy getting re-acclimated Stateside. Your son and his family sure are handsome. And what sweet pups they have. Lola Lou sure is a hoot. And poor little piddles. cute! Glad to hear you've got commissions coming in. Always good news.

  12. Hello James, your works are wonderful and thank you for the good comments on my blog.
    Beautiful family, and I like very much the two dogs of which are certainly characters. Lola lou reminds me of Dr Seuss creation. Your renditions of both are delightful. I'll be following your blog, and good luck with that old shack.
    Soon again