Monday, June 8, 2009

Fixer-Upper, Windows to Costa Rica

It's been almost 2 months since I've moved to Texas from Costa Rica. Those 2 months have been a constant state of confusion. One of the main reasons for all that confusion is that I hadn't really figured out where to hang my hat. I needed a place that was in the country, yet not too far from civilization. Close to the art communities, yet remote enough to be safe for Pokey and TacoBelle and quiet enough for serious painting. Somewhere I could get reasonable Internet service, but be quite affordable. I found it. And I have pictured it below...THE SHACK

"Surely you jest" you may say. Well, THE SHACK does need a bit of attention. It could use indoor plumbing. And two replacement windows. And a ceiling. But it does have a nice outhouse. And a roof. And a few other things. But it's really just perfect. sort of. And it is a great place to paint. And great neighbors, pictured below.

As I gradually "do something" to THE SHACK, I will keep ya posted.

I have been working on a few art commissions and have visited many of the neat art galleries in this area. I am currently displayed in 3 small galleries, and soon to be in several others. One gallery I contacted, I had shown the owner a WIP that was almost completed...something I started In Costa Rica, but kinda put it on a back burner....Windows to Costa Rica
. It illustrates 30 various wildlife species in a little "window", with a painted rock border and other embellishments. He wants me to finish it, and paint a miniature for each of the 30 vignettes. He would then have a limited number of giclee prints made of the miniatures and would display the large painting and the miniatures around it.
That's it below. I'll let ya know how that goes.

Thought for the Blog: Happiness is not a thing. It is an attitude.


  1. James, home is where the heart is, and the palette and the pups, too! Welcome to Texas. It was great to talk to you dear friend and I envision we will have a giant Texas-sized paintout in Wimberly with you soon!
    pughugs from Flower Mound...

  2. Great place James (or it soon will be). Love your neightbours and well done on the gallery work.

  3. This is a WOW piece.Good luck.
    And your Shack?With your talent it will look like a Villa soon.
    Enjoy Texas.

  4. Well I think it's beautiful, because us artist we can see what it will look like and it already has great assets. (aka neighbors & a roof) . About your CR animal pic" windows to Costa Rica", I REALLY think when finished you should contact the department of (I'm not sure here what they have) so this piece could become it's publicity poster for it. I'm sure they would love it and if accepted they could make posters and sell it you could get royalties. Contact every one over there with pics of it. That gallery owner is smart. Be careful.
    Your doing really well amiss the confusion.

  5. Beautiful neighbors, James! TB and Pokey must be over the moon with fun places to roam around. Am guessing your 'shack' will evolve as you work your magic on it. Your windows to Costa Rica painting is amazing. Dominique has good advice.

  6. james you ol cowboy, :) l love your new home, your lucky.

  7. It's a great shack! Your neighbors are lovely and I bet they won't even be rude!

  8. I have twirled this way,
    and been tossed that way,
    and now I have landed....
    in this place,
    Where hope,,,,
    is setting my heart at ease.
    Could it be home?
    It looks good to us,
    and so,
    I will take off my hat,
    and rest my weary mind,
    Pokey and Taco Belle,
    will run free,
    We are safe,
    and we feel free,
    and in the morning
    I will paint
    what more is there?

  9. Windows to Costa Rica painting is awesome!
    You can do this! We know it.

  10. Man, you guys are great. And are priceless. Hugs.

  11. 3 galleries in 2 months! Congratulations! I don't have any work in even one and I've been here since 1997!! Okay - I haven't actually approached any, but still...what a great accomplishment! And the shack is perfect! It IS your favorite book, so this just fits. I can see Papa cooking up a storm in there!

  12. hi james!
    oh i love your new home! it sounds absolutely perfect!
    :) melissa and emmitt

  13. Hi James, TB and PokeyDog - we have a post on our bloggy about you today. Me and the puggies say welcome to Texas! *YEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW* (windows rattle)

  14. What a fabulous painting your "Windows to Costa Rica" is! I think you need to also paint your house...I mean, paint a picture OF your house! :) Has that rustic feel!

  15. Hey James! Glad to see you settled in and back to slinging paint!

  16. Hi James..
    I lost track of you and didn't know you'd moved to Texas.. Guess I'll have to read back to find out why?
    I can see you have some nice neighbors.
    I look forward to reading about your adventures with the galleries!

  17. The shack won't be a shack too long with your talent and imagination. Congrats on the galleries, that is awesome.

  18. live in the county..I see tons of potential and it looks wonderful! Congratulations!