Monday, June 22, 2009

Hummers...WTTW WOWS...Shack update

The submissions to Windows to the Words "Old Folks" challenge are awesome with talent. Three more have just been added Liz Holm, Deb Keirce, Dana Cooper and Cathyann Burgess. Click HERE to view em.

One of my latest commissioned artwork
s is this hummingbird. The lady that ordered it wanted a ruby-throated hummingbird and the rest was totally up to me. This is what I came up with. I'm not real happy with the red rose...I need to get some lessons on painting roses. Anyway, I Texas-sized and stylized the hummingbird (artistic license, right?). I hope she likes it. My sister likes it, but she's biased.

Hummingbirds are among my neighbors at THE SHACK. Not just a few... Jillions! I put out a feeder and it took about 10 minutes for the first one to find it. He sent out invitations by the score. I put out some more feeders. The hummers increased exponentially. I was painting under the trees a couple of days ago, and I thought I was being attacked by killer bees. The
re was at least two dozen swarming just over my head. While I was painting this piece, one came and hovered over it about 8 inches from my nose...cheeky little dudes.

Okay, so now I've told you about the goats and hummingbirds I have for neighbors. I pictured below just a few more of my residential associates. The one in the mask tried to come in the window last night and Pokey and TacoBell freaked out. There's plenty more, and next time I'll get into the inside denizens.

That's right, PEACOCKS. The neighbors have a peacock and several hens. The peacock goes strutting around occasionally making a sound like...kwak, kwak. But then, later, when they all get into vocalizing. The sound is almost cat like...Heeee Yowwww! Except loud enough to shatter Coke bottles.

A few more shots of THE SHACK....

Occasional Sleeping Quarters

Paint a while, Dump a while

House Cleaning by Alamo Demolition Service

Be sure and watch for some upcoming surprises and news....And A Fourth of July "Blog Party".

Thought for the Blog. Dogs consider us the Lord and Master of the household.
Cats consider us part of the staff.


  1. Yes, I DO like your hummingbird/rose painting very much!!!!! The red ones look just like our knockout roses - pretty - keep on painting the both flowers and birds.

  2. The hummingbird painting is beautiful James!

  3. Hi Mr James Parker
    Your humming bird and rose is just fantastic.
    I can almost smell the sweet fragrnace. I like your little friendly visitors, but I guess they can be scarry at nite.
    I sure do miss not having you visit me anymore.
    I left you messages, but,,,,,, no hear from Stinky Feet,
    I send love to you, Pokey and Taco Belle

  4. Charming humming bird! She'll love it--what's not to love. The roses are great. They look like the climbing roses we get on the front porch.
    You're living in Animal Kingdom down there! Wow. I love the masked marauder! My Dad's house used to back to the woods, and he had a family of raccoons that used to visit every evening for ginger snaps and grapes. Then they brought their babies, and Dad would invite them all into the living room in the evenings. We were lucky the raccoon family were all very gentle and friendly. (This was before the rabies scare.)

  5. Hi James! I love your hummingbird painting. Also love your residential associates. Raccoons are also our regular guests at night.

  6. p.s. beautiful peacocks. they are LOUD! lol.

  7. I love the bird and the roses.
    Great smell.

  8. Hi Jim...the hummingbird looks beautiful! I have a hummingbird that appears now and then outside my office window at home.

  9. I love this hummingbird - beautifully done! I've also been really enjoying the results of your challenge.

  10. Hey James,
    I love your new painting! Your hummingbird is fabulous!
    OMG...... a peacock? Wow! I feel a painting coming on!

  11. Hi James, I love my frog painting! Thank you so much...its amazing!

    This hummingbird painting is wonderful too!

  12. Those hummingbirds are just fine. The red doesn't bother me a bit. She should love it

  13. Hi James! Your Hummer painting is great! I think it would make a wonderful stained glass design....I love it..a little painting ...a little work...Works for me!...=]

  14. Wonderful painting! I'm sure your patron will enjoy it! You need to charge admission and sell little cups of sweet stuff that folks can feed to the hummingbirds while they enjoy all the other creatures who have obviously called the shack home before you got there!!

  15. I sure do love your shack james, is that a stone floor/wall.
    Must be fun, cleaning up, setting up, making it your home.
    home is important. :)
    take care james