Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge this time was just fun. Fun, period. I like still lifes. She displayed in her reference photo a generous amount of dramatic shadows which opened the door to contrast playground. I strayed from my usual format of adding an element of humor and surprise. I'm sorry I did that. After I had already E-Mailed my submission to Karin, I looked at my painting and visualized two little white eyeballs peeking out of the black shadow between the corn and tomatoes. Wish I had put em there....darn.

Karin received about 130 submissions...not counting the ones she had to take the shotgun to. Methinks Karin is a bit "twea
ked" at times trying to keep up with her challenge. Karin is an exceptionally good artist, and a noted professional with a schedule that would drive most folks bonkers. The time she spends with DSFDF is considerable and, I'm sure, very frustrating at times. Many of us are computer "Know-Littles" who submit stuff to her that has to be deciphered ...dissected...transcribbled and french-fried. Po' Karin...I feel for her.

I have started Windows to the Words, and
after 4 months, the challenge has had moderate success. I'll keep it up, because it is a good thing. The artwork I have received has been marvelous...and if I get just one person who contributes and enjoys doing....then that's fine. Challenges abound, but it takes work on the host's part and participation from fellow artists. Michelle Burnett's "Following the Masters" is an example of a rewarding and well-done challenge...she deserves a bunch of kudos for her efforts.

The morning I posted this month's 3 reference photos, i received a submission from New Delhi, India. From a delightful young lady who is an outstanding artist with a charming blog. Her name is Arti Chauhan, and her site deserves a visit. I have showcased her piece. On WTTW ART it is shown along with three others... David Larson Evans, Liana Yarckin and Beckie Saar Leone. It is because of connections like this...from the hill country of Texas to New Delhi, India, and back again...that gives me hope and confidence for our future. My thanks for all of you who take the time to participate.

Next month the WTTW Challenge is dogs. Dogs. DOGS. DOGS!!!! I don't have any photos yet. None. Zip. BOO HOO. Send me a pitcher of your dog. Your neighbor's dog. A dog at the vet. HELP!!! Send your mutt's mugs to

Thought for the Blog: Robert Burns..." Oh what gift the Giftie gives see ourselves as others see us"


  1. James, I like the whole tonality of your painting, and your bakground.It is very personal.

  2. James, you did a great job on the veggies! I love, love, LOVE the intricate shadows of the corn...with or without eyeballs! I'm like you - lately I haven't been adding the elements of humor that I so enjoy. But you know what? The serious stuff sells better, and I have just as much fun painting it.

  3. Such a nice job that you did on the painting!
    Looks good enough to eat!

  4. Great painting for the DSDF challenge, James! I like the brown cloth and stitching. Really sets those veggies off nicely.
    Love Arti's painting and blog, too. Liz

  5. The painting you submitted really has an ancient feel to it! Somehow it makes me think, can vegetables do this? Well, yours has such an impact!

  6. Hi James! I was actually examining your painting to find something unusual. Yes the eyes would definitely be fun. Your rendition is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Hey James,
    This painting looks good enough to eat! Fantastic job! Eyeballs..... that would've been cool!

  8. I think this is one of your best paintings - and I like the total realism of it - should sell immediately if it is to be for sale.

  9. hello..! thanks for viewing my artworks n be my follower.. wow...! i'm impressed..! jz loved all your artworks... love this one.. the old woman.. her face tell a story..

  10. Hi James, I can't keep up with you guys over there, but I've put your blog on my challenge list and will try the next one - promise!

  11. Hi James,
    I am shocked to find that you left Costa Rica - that land of beauty and temperate weather! Was it to be closer to your kids/grandkids and their abnormal dogs? :-)
    Love your challenges - and your paintings. Is the plate of veggies oil? What size is it?
    Hope you are able to get lots of painting done as you work on your new abode, and visit with those friendly neighbours. Have a great week!

  12. Well, I wanted to be closer to my family and to be able to develop my art more. I love Texas, but I do miss Costa Rica/Panama. The veggies are and 8x10 acrylic on gessoed masonite.