Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beating the Heat, ..3 WIP Commissions...WTTW

Well, you've heard me crying and moaning about the heat. But it's hot in other places too. Like this photo and story a friend of mine in Africa sent me...

And it's been dry. Lake Travis is down 43 feet. And in Costa Rica, where I just moved from. it's been monsoonal rains for a week. Matter of fact , a fellow from down there sent me a photo of a local Costa Rican newscast.

Anyway, I decided to try to do something about the heat.

First, I thought I'd go to the swimming Pool.... Nah.

Then some friends from Louisiana invited me to go sky diving.....Nah.

Then some friends of mine down the road wanted me to go mud diving.....nah

So-o-o-o-o, being a member in good standing in the Texas Redneck Association, I put my thinking cap on and came up with the obvious solution....pictured below.
Three Works in Progress commissions that I hope to finish up before the turn of the century.




Check out the great artwork of our canine friends on WTTW ART

Watch out this coming Tuesday for a "JUST FOR FUN" blog that will knock your socks off.

Thought for the Blog....The only impossible dream is the one you don't try for.


  1. You make me laugh my friend!! Take care of yourself in this heat, fall is around the corner...well, sort of... Good news with the commissions, make sure you post the finished paintings so we can all revel in your success.

  2. Hi Mr James
    Those were some great ideas to help cool you off. My suggestion is that you put icecubes in your bed! Or your socks! Of course it would be just temporary.
    You always think up fun stuff for the artists. I guess it's because your just a kid at heart.
    Those artist paints for the DOG CHALLENGE, are spectacular! Wow!!! Such talented artists!
    And of course you are included in the group of aritsts- your fantastico!

  3. James - your blog always makes me smile! Great commission pieces. It's amazing you can do several at once - I think I'd get confused!

  4. Such great pictures James, They are so fun. Congratulations on the commissions

  5. Can't wait to see the finished paintings James!
    You crack me up! Love all the pics but I think putting a pool in a flatbed truck is my favorite. You can take a dip and a drive all at the same time!!

  6. Good to see your new work and enjoyed the cool photos.

  7. Hey, it's winter in Africa but when summer comes, the truck idea is a good one! Looking forward to seeing the end results of these paintings and congratulations on the commissions! Well done James and thanks for the laugh.

  8. Funny photos! Can't wait to see your finished commissions! And congrats on having 3 at once! That's awesome!