Monday, July 13, 2009


Still HOT!! 31 days of 100+ NO RAIN. The Dog Says it all....


There has been, now and in the past, a plethora of awards going around. Many are nice and worthy, and complimentary and well-deserved and all that other stuff. I have nothing against awards. However, now that I'm fully immersed in "Painting For Profit" I feel the need for another award. So I proudly announce The "SAPS" Award.

No, I'm not going to award this to 5 or 6 artists and ask them to list the 5 main reasons for eating avocados and French dressing. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to go out and award it to anyone. If you feel like you fit the category, then clip it and post it yourself. Whaddya think I am....staff?
The only requirement for this award is t
hat your last painting sold for less than $100,000 and that you don't eat filet mignon, caviar and champagne by the pool every night from the proceeds of your "Daily Painting". There are no dues, no meetings, no elections, and you really don't have to do anything. Except paint and try to make a profit. Or break even. Or maybe don't take too much of a loss. This award has long been needed, so I took it upon myself to create it. I am THE FOUNDING FATHER. And the best thing about it is you don't have to listen to what I say or take out the garbage. So there.

Texas Hill Country Paint-Out

Yeahbuddy, Podner, you heard right. August 21, 22, 23. Friends, painting, visiting, sharing ideas and BARBECUE. I will post the full details and agenda on my next blog in a day or two, but check your agenda and lemme know if you might be interested in attending. Drop me an E-Mail at

See Y'All down the road.... And remember...Not everybody was born a TEXAN... but try not to hold that against them. :-)


  1. Oh wow...that is too darn hot! Hope you are keeping cool the best you can.

    Also, love the award! I'm definitely a member of that club! :)

    Take care James!

  2. Hi Mr James Parker , my TEXAN BUDDY.
    I love the award you created. You are my super hero! Wish I could paint - I am starving too.

  3. WOW ! great award that say's it all . But I refuse to take IT even though I deserve it . I want to put my head in the sand and ignore my plight, So there ! ( I don't know if tha'll work ! ) Great post Keep cool if you can......

  4. Cool Award! Are you showing at the Paint Out?

  5. This is probably the most fitting award ever not awarded to a large part of the artist population! As always James, you make me laugh! By the way, it's cold and wet in Cape Town!

  6. Heard it was pretty hot in your country. Texas is a country isn't it? We have a number of Texans coming through the gallery that think they have gone to heaven. Was 32 the other morning.
    That is a great organization, SAPS. I know about 50 zillion artists who could belong. And that barbecue idea sounds fantastic. Wish I could be there.
    God bless,

  7. Oh, how you put a smile on my face, James! Love the SAPS award and the no pressure twist that comes with it, you are the best!

    I would love to consider the Paint-Out dates, but school will be back in full swing and I usually cannot take the heat here during the summer. My last full day of plein air painting was in mid June near Mt. Vernon, I'm all about the AC and the comforts of studio painting until early fall! Hoping for some rain...stay cool and take care!

  8. James, you seem to have been assimilated- but how a Costa Rican can find Texas, which isn't even a rain forest, too hot...Well, I am surprised!

    I'm from Detroit originally, so I complain about the weather here in VA when it's in the 90's! I don't think I would last a day in Texas!

  9. James, this is the best award ever. If you mailed it out with a free sandwich 6000 starving artists in Dallas County alone would post it on their blogs. I'm gearing up for an art show this weekend, hope to have my travel schedule for August soon and letcha know if I can make it down to visit with Dena and you and the painting pals in Central Texas! For heavens sakes, go into the closest 7-Eleven and stand by the slurpee machine and cool off my friend...
    big hugs to you and TB and Pacodoggy...

  10. It's hot here too in Dallas...and no rain in sight. Try to stay cool!

  11. James I was thinking of you when I heard this. Thought it was very fitting, hope you don't shoot me !! ( it's better than nothing YEs ! )

  12. Dear James, I hope you'll accept my belated wishes for a happy birthday. And as to your wish for a soul mate, if I wasn't'd have to move to California and bring a lot of money! Regarding your DSFDF entry, I knew it was yours before I even read the name underneath. Thanks for the laugh! Best wishes, Marianne