Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Following the Masters...More ACEOs...PaintOut (NO RAIN Delay)

Michelle Burnett's challenge "Following the Masters" called for flowers. OK, flowers it is. And not just any ole stinkin' posies....but genuine Texas Wildflowers. And not just any Texas Wildflowers, but wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country.

And...if you're interested... the top left red one is Indian Paintbrush. The top right blue is the Texas bluebonnet. The center is Firweel or Indian Blanket. The left yellow is Greenthread., the center pink is Drummond's Phlox and the bottom right is Winecup. And they are all truly gorgeous.

Three more additions to my hummingbird ACEO series are shown below...

I've also begun a series of ACEOs featuring the birds of Texas, and the first little tweeters of that series are shown below. Texas really has some incredibly beautiful little feathered friends, so this will be a long series. In the works are series of Texas wildflowers, Texas butterflies, Texas Wildlife and Texas Beer Cans.

While on the ACEO subject, I'm doing these on Foamboard. Aside from being quite inexpensive and lightweight, Hobby Lobby cuts em to size for practically nothing. I've researched foamboard and it is extremely durable and paint receptive (I paint the edges and back and sign the back with info, and spray the whole thing with 3 coats of Kamar varnish.). I like foamboard for 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 also. Whatt do ya think? Does it lessen the value of the painting by being so lightweight or, because it only costs about a third of a cent per square inch is it the best thing since sliced peanut butter? Also I'm charging $15 or $20, depending on how good-looking the lady is buying it ($25 for guys). Is this price in line? Since living for the past 3 years in a country where cigarettes are $1,25 a pack and coffee 2.50 a pound, I'm still in cultural price shock here in the U. S.


I was organizing a paint out for August at Wenmohs ranch in Cypress Mill, Texas. Over the past week or so, I have been informed that August is usually hotter than July (which I knew already, but I'm a slow learner) so, unless we wanted our artwork "kiln-dried" it might be better to schedule the paint-out when it gets cooler. And not so danged dry. The Wenmohs Bunkhouse Gallery is sooooooo nice and picturesque, but right now the whole Texas Hill Country is like Death Valley.


Thought for the blog: They say money talks. All it ever tells me is "Goodbye"


  1. I LOVE the wildflowers painting - yes, I WANT it!!!!! If already sold, I'll wait for another one. I'm making glass frames - we'll see how that goes.

  2. I LIKE your Texas flowers! Do you miss Costa Rica? It doesn't seem like you've missed a beat in the move!

  3. Hi Mr James Parker
    Your wild flowers are sooooo beautiful! What a nice collection. Makes us want to see them grow in the Texas deserts. And the bird- how precious and beautiul. We love them all! The little hummingbirds look so real. You did such an excellent job! Very incredibly gorgeous! I think your right on!
    We also went over and looked at the paintings of the dogs, and you were sooo right. As you said, your not "just a woofin", they were amazing. What a group of super hero artists!
    All those pups were brought to life in each and every painting, by the artists. Incredible jobs. We were shocked. How can they do that?
    Thank you for creating this fun challenge.

  4. Great contribution to Michelle's blog, James. Plus, your ACEOs are wonderful!

  5. HI James - how are you holding up in the heat? I think you could charge a little more and still sell these, they are charming. Love those Texas flowers - I think you should make some of those, too! Imagine all the ladies you will attract when you start passing out those flowers. : )
    pughugs from Flower Mound...

  6. Beautiful Texas wildflowers! I also love all those bird ACEOs.

    Sorry to hear your paint out is delayed. It's not nearly as hot here, but I still have to get out pretty early and start painting if I don't want to fry.

  7. Hello James Parker, thank you so much for your visits.

    I like your Parrish takes and your Windows to the Words Art Challenge dog painting. You're a very talented artist.

    I might even try your Windows to the Words Art Challenge - sounds like fun - going have to think on that

    Thanks for your visits and your encouraging comments

  8. Hi James, I'm just over from Lissa's blog, memory of rain. Your art is wonderful, I will visit again. I've also left a message for you on your birthday post. Bye for now.

  9. Hi James
    I came back to visit again and look at the artists mastepieces. These are so incredibly wonderful paintings of all these dogs. What talent everyone has. The paintings of me brought tears to my moms eyes. They were so beautiful