Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Birthday-DSFDF-Wimberley-Attitude-

It's my birthday. 63. In recent years, I have burned calendars on the spot for even suggesting another year had gone by. I usually ignore birthdays. This year is a little different, but I don't exactly know why. I have inserted a photo from Pierre Raby below from a "Every Photo Tells a Story" piece a few months back. Pierre Raby's Blog "A Painter's Room" is a delightful site for this talented artist and I recommend a visit.

The reason this year is different is because I feel like I might be growing up. Damn. That's a bummer. The second reason is illustrated by the photo. Alone. Except for Pokey and TacoBelle. Yesterday, I went over to SS groceries and bought 4 pounds of beef ribs and came home and grilled em. That was my birthday treat for the pups. Despite that special joy of having ecstatic dogs, I still felt like something was missing. After hours of deliberation, I happened upon it.....nobody to share life with!!! No Soulmate!!! Super Bummer!!!
So here is a warning!!!! One day soon I'll do a " Personals" blog. A blog that is looking for that "special" Pina Colada dr
inker. That Moody Blues lover. That "little bit crazy" artist. That "take a walk by the river" woman (I'm so straight the art companies hire me to pose for their rulers). A good strong gal that lets Jesus guide her along the path of life. A female that talks but knows when to shut up. A femme that listens and knows when to tell me to shut up. One who sees the incredible beauty of dew on a rose and appreciates the wondrous joy in the intricate pattern of the smallest hummingbird feather. One who loves life. And can truly love life by seeing it through the eyes of a child. One who loves to laugh and is not ashamed to cry. One that sees the world in a grain of sand. Oh...and a few bucks in the bank wouldn't hurt (I was getting too serious...not really).
Anyway...look for that blog....I'll call it "Sore Gent Parker's Lonely Hearts Club Blog"

Changes in Latitude...Changes in Attitude

I won't flog the 100+ temps too much. But...I can see why the Middle East and other "hot" countries wanna fight so much. It's hot! lemme punch ya out!!!
When's the last time you heard of an Es
kimo War? Or revolutions in Greenland and Iceland?

While I was geting Pokey and Taco Belle's Beef ribs, I picked up a bag of Fritos.
Frito Chili Pie is one of my major food gro
ups. I looked at the price..2.89. I looked at the price again....2.89. It hadn't changed. It should have changed cause that's just too much!!! The corn farmer only gets 12 cents for that bag. Duh. Then I reached for a can of Frito Bean Dip...2.99!!! for a couple of ounces of beans....squooshed up with a few peppers. I gracefully returned the bean dip, muttering expletives under my breath. The mutter must have been not too much under my breath, because the lady next to me said..." have an ATTITUDE about today's prices! Bless you...I do too!!" Then I went over to Liberty Hill to visit with a fellow artist that does small paintings like I do. He said it bugs him when folks see one of his small paintings that obviously took at least a couple of hours and he has it for sale for 20 bucks....and they ask him if he'll take less. He tells em "If I took less, then I wouldn't make as much as those old geezers at Wal-Mart who tell ya "Welcome" when they really mean that you should get your butt over to Target and get some good prices." Then they tell him he has an "ATTITUDE". So I get home and check my E-Mail. A dear follower jokingly commented that my latest blog for the "SAPS" award, where I said that you should pick up the award..."what do you think I am....staff?" showed an attitude. Me? Have an ATTITUDE? No way...nice guy that I am. If anyone thinks I have an attitude, then they can go take a flying leap......

DSFDF.....Guy Sitting.

That taken care of, now I can turn to more important things. Like painting some guy who I've never met, sitting at some place I've never been, thinking about something I probably wouldn't. But that's OK. I used my imagination and depicted him doing something I probably would be doing if I was caught in his predicament....impersonating BUDMAN!!! I started to entitle my rendition "Doing My Part to Keep Milwaukee Financially Stable in These Tough Economic Times". But I decided to name it "Strategically Located". This is my submission for the Different Strokes From Different
Folks Challenge.

WIMBERLEY....Painting neath the trees.

I will be painting in the courtyard of The Bent Tree gallery and The Burro Coffee and Latte and WiFi Place in Wimberley Saturday. Plein Air. That is, until the temps hit 99....then I hit the road. I got up at 2 this morning (an hour earlier than usual) to prep some of the ACEOs I'll be doing there.

Texas Hill Country Paint-Out.

Update. We Have a super Studio at The Bunkhouse in which to paint that is AIR CONDITIONED. The Fee is $40 for AC, Food (Barbecue and breakfast tacos, etc. and DOOR PRIZES). Dena charges $53 PER NIGHT for a comfortable lodging. If August is hotter than this July, plans may have to be altered due to my demise from heat stroke. MORE LATER

EXCUSES, EXCUSES...Blog Visiting Vacuum.
I haven't been visiting my followers and associates in the "ARTFUL BLOGGERS" COMMUNITY. Don't throw sticks and hurl obscenities. Aside from working my butt off, the heat, and keeping this blog up..... see the pics below.....

My Mouse went missing...

Then my keyboard... (Thanks, Deb Keirce)

Thought for the Blog...(simple, but think about it) "HAVE ANOTHER DAY! :-)"


  1. Hi Jim...just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Try to stay cool in this Texas heat!

  2. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY . I don't have a ribeye, a chocolate cake and a nice red wine but you get the idea. But more importantly I wish I could send you an air-conditioner. Is there power at your shack ? I will pray for more company for you also.
    Your rendition of DSFDF is so funny.
    I enjoyed your post , keep painting.

  3. Well, save the description of your state of sounds like an ad already! Just cut and paste.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lovey, cheerful soul!

  4. Happy Birthday James! Sending you "cool" (I almost said warm) wishes for a wonderful day! As always, nice work on the DSFDF!

    Thanks for brighting up all our days. I hope you have a stellar year in front of you.

  6. Hello! I just found your site off a fellow artist who actively participates in the WTTW challenges. Great Stuff & Happy Birthday!!1 I cannot wait to try my hand at the monthly challenges :)

  7. Hello,
    Well, you'd be cooler if you'd blow out all those damn candles on the cake. :)

    Have a GREAT birthday!

    And remember, you're not a true Texan if you don't have your steering wheel branded into your palm from the heat.

    Star hugs,

  8. Oh Happy birthday James - as you can see, you (especially) are never alone! And at 60 something, you're entitle to have an ATTITUDE! Love the DSDF challenge (as usual). You always make me laugh. Thank you for being there.

  9. Happy, happy birthday James!! Come on now..... you'll never grow up..... you'll always have a young spirit!
    You'll find that soulmate.... put out those positive vibes and she will come! : )

  10. Happy Birthday James! Keep walking the walk and you'll find her I bet. Nice Different Stokes painting! I'm sending a dog portrait your way for your other blog. hope I'm not too late...God Bless!

    Great job with the challenge!

  12. I wish you the very best on your birthday and everyday after that, as a matter of fact, in this Texas heat, I am raising my ice cold mug of beer in your honor! Good job on the dsfdf job, waiting for mine to dry...I also have dog paintings for you for your other blog. Take care and stay cool.

  13. Happy Birthday Mr Parker (Stinkey Feet)
    I am so glad you stay young at heart- it keeps ya fun!
    Just grab this rope,
    my friend of mine.
    You hold one end.
    I'll hold the other.
    Lets go around in circles
    lets hop and skip.
    I know you can!!
    Around and around we go
    as I sing Happy Bithday
    to my friend!

  14. Happy Birthday James! I am sending cool weather your way from Canada, well I would if I could. Your blog always brightens my day. Enjoy your birthday.

  15. Holy cow James, I was wondering what that big dark cloud was on the southern horizon yesterday! Happy birthday guy. You are so kind to make your event one to share with your little companions in the best possible way. Have fun painting outdoors. Holy cow you are braver than I am - I am staying indoors as much as possible these days.
    sending many hugs....

  16. Happy Birthday and happy all year round.
    Enjoy the out door painting...Ouch so hot!

  17. Just saw it was your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a good one!

  18. I'm late as usual...Happy Happy Birthday, James! Am also sending good thoughts for cool breezes, fun companionship, many days painting, much laughter, and all God's blessings to come your way. (don't lose the attitude, though. We'd miss it too much). hugs, LIz

  19. Happy birthday, ol' boy! I started taking birthday control pills a few years back so I'm not bothered by the pesky things.
    Great idea for the DSFDF. Best seat in the house.

  20. Happy, Happy Birthday! Your painting for the DSFDF is wonderful - I have him holding a can in mine too, but love that you added the additional humor that really makes this one a winner.

  21. Happy belated birthday and I just want to say how funny your entry into the DSFDF was. I couldn't just believe he drank all those cans and could still be sitting!

  22. happy birthday... love your take on the man.. had me giggling!!! great painting...

  23. You are most welcome! James, look at my blog...I have a friend who needs a soulmate. She lives in NC though. She's 45 and lonely too, although I can't get her to admit it! If you change your latitude again, you should look her up!

  24. James, alone is not that is what it is. Better not to settle, I say...and enjoy each day as you can/will.

    Loved your blog. Totally relate.

    By the way I'm Deb's friend. Heh.

  25. Happy belated Birthday, James. Hopefully the blogosphere makes many lonely people feel a little less lonely by connecting with others - extending our borders - does not help going to bed alone, but, well ... I've spent countless dreaded, long lonely and nights, at this stage in a good place - not feeling lonely, and really loving the revolution that blogging is for people to connect. Hope a soul mate comes into your life soon.