Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Art Blog Award

I picked up my E-Mail this morning and found that Akiko Watanabe (who, incidentally posted an exquisite piece on WTTW/Artwork) had blessed me with an Art Blog Award. I turned tickled pink and did handstands. I am to list seven things I love. Now, after tending to the injuries caused by the handstands, here is my list of 7 THINGS THAT I LOVE.......
(1) I love my Creator. I am a Christian and He is my Father, My Friend and my Guidance to live my life and love my life.
(2) I love my family and I love people....including a few ornery sons of a booger.
(3) I love to love and be loved.
(4) I love my dogs...Pokey and Taco Belle
(5) I love the wonders of nature...from beautiful sunrises/sunsets to hummingbirds visiting flowers, to the symphony of raindrops in the forest to this big spider crawling up my....WHOOOOA!
(6) I love music...Moody Blues, Enigma, Yanni, Coldplay, Tangerine Dream and so much More. But Rap?...only when I'm constipated.
(7) I love the gifts of whatever talents I have, whether it's art or writing or cooking or drinking coffee.
That's seven, but if I could name more, the list would be endless.

I'm not sure if and how I should pass this award along, but when I find out, I'll post it right cheer.
And I found out to pass this award on to 7 other outstanding blog/artist/people and inform them that they should post a blog listing the 7 favorite things they love and then pass the award along to 7 of their blog favorites. The envelope please. They are.......
Dominique Eichi
Carole Baker
Carrie Jacobson
Nancy Medina
Nicole Caulfield

Teresa Houston
Jo Castillo


  1. LOL! Best description of rap I've ever heard. I like the same music you do. I also love Ian Anderson. Are you familiar with Andreas Vollenweider and Incendio? I think you might like them.

  2. lol lol Wonderful James!! Your blogs are so fun to visit! Thanks for sharing your 7 things. :)

  3. I love the way you make us laugh.

  4. Ensign Starbird, your taste in music strikes a harmonious chord in my listening palate. I haven't kept up with Ian Anderson since Jethro Tull days, but I shall check into him and Incendio. Andreas Vollenweider, the maestro of the electronic harp, is a favorite of mine and I could put on him, a little Yanni, Enya, Dianne and David Arkenstone and Tomita and be quite mellow for days. Akiko, I appreciate you, admire your art and hope to tickle your funny bone for many days to come. And Sheila, yes you can call me Jim...been called that for years...actually, you can call me Bozo if supper's ready.

  5. Hello James - I came to your blog through Akiko's. Your art is amazing! I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog...Your list of 7 things you love could as well of been mine!

  6. Hi, Jim - Thanks for the kind words about my re-a-piering painting, and also for the award. I am truly touched and honored!

    I don't know quite what I should be doing, but my guess is that that will become clear.

    Best wishes,


  7. Hey James, I followed your cyber crumbs over here. Thanks for introducing yourself and your blog... Costa Rica! Not too bad my friend. And being inspired by the nature that surrounds you is perfect. Save journeys!

  8. Hi James! Your blog is a hoot! Fun read and the paintings are very good!

    We have a lot in common...I've read "The Source" about four times...gonna add ya to my links if that's okay?

  9. Douglas...careful. Cyber crumbs can be addictive (but seldom fattening). Costa Rica and Latin America are great...heading to Panama in a few hours. I log experiences and trivia and artwork about CR and the rest of MesoAmerica on my The View From the Volcano blog. And sometimes the journeys save me.
    Hola, Robin...A Hoot, huh? Owl take that as a super compliment. Visited your site ..your use of color and the drama of your compositions blows my mind (what little there is of it). And The Source is a book I read at least once every decade. Each time I read it I learn twice as much from it. At that rate, I'll know everything there is to know in just 17 more decades.

  10. Hi James - THANKS for my first art bloggy award. I am so honored. I hope you have a wonderful time on your outing and have lots of photos and news to report when you get back!

  11. Thank you, James for this lovely award! I was thrilled to post it on my blog and have already forwarded the award to seven other bloggers!

    Thanks too for visiting my blog recently... do drop by again!