Friday, February 20, 2009

Windows to the Words Submission

This is my submission to the Windows to the Words Practice project. It's based on writing subject 3...The Mind of a Criminal (Lonely Cell).

Too many of us take our freedom for granted...unless it's taken from us. I wanted this cell occupant to look like he had lost his freedom. I think I succeeded, but, unfortunately, it also looks like he's lost his girlfriend, his job, his bank account, his car...and his lunch. When I started this, I decided that I would work from my imagination and not use any reference photos or drawings. The result? It looks like I worked from my imagination and didn't use any reference photos or drawings. It looks amateurish, but I tried something new, and maybe next time I'll improve.

Windows to the Words is getting a slow start, but that's OK...I have plenty of patience. Submissions: Art....4 Writing....1 Photos.....ZIP.


  1. How come I knew you'd pick this one? This is sad yet beautiful. Trust and betrayal. Life and death. Hello and goodbye. Over and out... hugs

  2. This is a really nice painting and the subject makes you think. Great work.

  3. Well, I'm honored to be in the top 4!! :)

    Nice painting, but you're right - the guy needs Prozac!

  4. Wonderful rendition, James! I feel the pain of this man looking at the freedom disguised as a little bird. Great work!

  5. Your art is so expressive, really enjoyed looking through the blog for a few minutes. Now I forget where I came from...which blog directed me here.