Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 Part St. Pattie Party...View From the Volcano

Since I'm Irish, I thought I'd give meself a little surprise. Some excerpts from the continuing saga of my last trip to Panama.....

Part 1..."Bus or Ark?"

A Fellow Traveller Along the Way

...."I wasn't too concerned as we pulled up to the pick up point at three minutes after seven. Wasn't too concerned that is, until the bus barrelled by at 150 miles an hour".............

Part 2..."On Your Own in Bri Bri"
This is a boat similar to the one we used, except for three things... (1) This boat has a top, (2) This boat is much larger, and (3) This boat is fairly well built

....."The boat appeared to be constructed from what you might find in Home Depot's trash dumpster. It was powered by what looked like it had spent the best years of its life attached to a lawnmower."......

PART 3 "At The Border...And Going South"

This is a pothole compared to way the road was that day. That day, the road wasn't there.

This is the "Bridge From Hell"...one of the few bridges I've known that you can get a good view of the river, standing in the middle, looking down

...."To see what atrocious and sexsational photos this disgusting periodical is now flaunting, I have to inspect it daily. Actually, I have to inspect it several times to make sure I didn't miss anything.".....
Part 4 "Riders in the Storm"

"Adios, Ulysses...Wish I'd Gotten To Know You Better"

....."This gracious taxi driver was the proud owner of some unknown vehicle that was made in China about the same time they were making "The Wall".....

Part 5.....Coming soon

Thanks for indulging me. But you're welcome to come visit...the coffee's on. P.S. I'm really very British.



  1. Quite an accomplishment - the three portraits are all good - thank you for the lessons - hope you will keep them coming, especially for people like me who would like to learn the basics. Great job!!!!

  2. Happy ST Patricks day at the volcano!