Sunday, March 8, 2009

YOU WON'T BELIEVE Blog3, March 8

The following Pics are some really neat photos...almost unbelievable

Pretty nifty...a guy boxing

Closer Look

Oh, Wow...that's photos. I think this took place in Amsterdam, but not sure. If anyone's seen this and knows, leave me a comment...betcha this took all afternoon

Australia's Ayers Rock (Uhuru)...Awesome

This photo just enthralls me. Anybody know where it is...I've got to visit it. For now, I think I'll paint it.

There are stairways and there are stairways. Now THIS is a stairway.

That white thing is the front of a boat. The little yellowish thingies in the water aren't Nabisco crackers. That's one big bunch of sting rays migrating over to my blog party.

The Chinese gentleman that owned this tree mansion had a little too much wine one evening and used the front door instead of the rear stairwell. May he rest in peace.

I think this is on the road to Machu Pichu, but what do I know? Could be a "before" photo for the Great Wall of China

Hidden images...can you find the lady dressed in blue?

Bridge job I'm glad I passed on.

The blue building at the lower right is a very popular bar. The structure up top is the bathroom.

One perfect example why I don't surf. I'll leave that to my dear friend and blogalog from Panama...JuJu. Click on her name for some great surfing pictures and info.

Up Next, After Intermission.....Art of Bruno Torf and Military WOW


  1. Buenas James. That surf photo reminds me of playa negro down from tamarindo.

  2. Hi James, *tips glass of bubbley to James* Great party! I am going to put on my special color detection glasses to see if I can locate the "hidden woman in blue" in that photo above. It may take awhile, but I am feeling optimistic!
    hugs from Texas, where you are missed...

  3. put a lot of work into today's blog party! I'm speachless! A whole lot of fun...thanks for sharing!

  4. A fun outing without having to get out - a good variety.

  5. Thanks for that friend! I actually had a lot of fun taking those surf pictures, hanging from a crazy boat in panama! Lots of nice and funny pictures here!!! Kisses! Ju