Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Passion For Painting

Dean Haven is a friend I've never met. Despite that, he is one of those rare folks that it seems I have known for a thousand years. Dean favored me with a "Passion For Painting" award. Thank you, Dean. I am to post this award, list 7 of my "LOVES" and pass this award to 7 other passionate artists who will do likewise. So here they are:
No Brainers
(1) My relationship with The Father
(2) My Family. My F
riends. My Dogs.
(3) Music (Moody Blues +). Art (Maxfield Parrish +). Books (The Shack +).
(4) The wonders of the Cosmos...within and without.
Lesser Known Loves
(5) To be warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot.
(6) A big, juicy kiss from a beautiful woman. And comfortable shoes.
(7) Fried Shrimp

And the 7 splendid Artists I have chosen are.......
Annie Salness
Dominique Eichi
Deb Kierce
Dana Cooper
Marianne Ginsberg
Carrie Griesemer

Pokey and TacoBelle wanted me to post this picture because they thought it was funny. So do I. They captioned it "Bad Cat With Windex Bottle". I call it " One Nanosecond Before The Big Bang"


  1. Wow! Thank you for honoring me with the award, James! Can I copy your list? Well, most of it anyway. I have to think of 7 passionate bloggers!

  2. Oh, and the cat with the windex bottle photo is priceless!

  3. Congrats, you passionate person, you!
    Love that photo and the title!

  4. Thank you James. Love you answers ! the pic is priceless where do you find them?

  5. Well deserved, James! You're passionate about painting and LIFE, which makes your adventures such a kick to follow. Comfortable shoes...wish I'd thought of that! Good one!

  6. Funny photo - we had golfball-sized hail yesterday piling up in the yard so that window would probably be already broken

  7. Well deserved James! Congrats....

  8. A very well-deserved prize.

    Geetings from London.

  9. Hey James , I'm waiting for Jaws to come out of the water and eat those bathers !!!!!

  10. Congraulations James- we think you are one of the most passionate people about life in general!

  11. Hi James, thanks for the comment. Makes all the difference when working alone. Read your biog sounds like you live in an amazing part of the world. Will pop back to read more.

  12. Thanks for the kind words, James. That is such a wondrous thing about the internet! To have the ability to connect with folks around the world. I am proud to call you "friend"!

  13. hi James...
    found U thru Luke...
    beautiful blog...
    Jessica is a shutterbug tooooo....
    mona & the girls

  14. Oh I so love it when these award go to all the wonderful people in bloggerland! Fabulous that it's in your domain now James.

    Did that dog really crash through that window?? It is a funny pic though.

  15. Thank y'all for the kind words. Luke and mona & the girls, thank you and welcome. Liz, I hope that's a doctored photo, or both the cat and the dog are gonna need a doctor.

  16. Hi. I just found your wonderful blogs, and hope to participate in your Windows to the World challenge this month. I wanted to pass the Passion for Painting award to you, but see someone has beat me to it! Love #5--so true!

  17. Hey James- You get all of the love (so a little more won't hurt) :>) I am sending folks your way. I LOVE your blog. It is chock-ful of your wonderful art and personality. Thanks for sharing your talent and energy with us. -Tom

  18. Congratulations James and thank you for the compliment!
    I love your "Revenge of the Sushi"!

  19. Thank you, James! I appreciate your thinking of me. :)