Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ST. Patty's Party Part 1..Smile, You're On Candid Canvas

Mystery Artist Triple Header
(If you get stumped, click the portrait)

Victim Number One
I'd give you 3 to 1 odds that if you met this fellow in a bar, he'd be more than happy to buy ya a beer. He went and did something sneaky like changing his profile picture, but I notice it didn't improve his looks any. You may not know it from looking at him, but I must give him his due. He is ONE TERRIFIC ARTIST!

Victim Number Two
When I started to paint this old coot...Oops, I mean distinguished gentleman, I felt like I was looking in a mirror. Not that we resemble each other, but rather like someone I could sit around and swat flies with over a cup of coffee. Gonna meet him one day.

Victim Number Three
Doubt if you can guess this one, She's kind of a recluse. You seldom see her on the Blogger World scene anywhere.

Pokey & TacoBelle are In Love
Click TWEEDLES for the lucky dog and Click EVERY PHOTO TELLS A STORY for the poems they wrote each other on Edward Burton's Painting "Going Home" on March 16. So Special.
This is Part one of the St. Pattie's Day Party. Proceed to Parts Two and Three.


  1. Hey my pal in the rain forest...Wow, James. Completely flattered over here. Great job on the portrait. I think the last time anyone drew my likeness it was in art class. Great challenge my friend and you pulled it off quite well. Love the composition... for me, it's all about composition.

    And the job you did on Dean and Sheila is so cool.

    So this means I'll need to come to Costa Rica to see this for myself?

  2. I love your portraits James! The only one I recognize is Sheila! I guess I should get to know the other two....lol! Raise a glass of Guinness my friend..... Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Happy St. Patty's Day Jim! I'm enjoying your website and blogging. You've got some great artwork and know you will do well! Keep up the good work! Lanice

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day, James Parker:) I've never seen Douglas, but I definitely recognize Dean and Sheila. Great work, AGAIN!

  5. I think all the portraits are GREAT and thanks for the tips - hope you keep on giving some of the basics for people like me who would like to learn to paint but never thought they could.

  6. A pint of Guinness for you! :P

    Douglas looks very cool! As for Dean, I've always loved his pose...he looks so smart and sly, looking over his glasses. And last but not least...how can you resist those dimples! Everyone one's favorite cutie!

    Fun festivities you've got going on here!

  7. How can you be so great at everything you do? And how do you keep all this so gorgous living in the rain forest? Your family of friends is so big, cause you have so much you share!

  8. LOL James! I know who number 3 is! It's Sheila!! Okay Uncle Stinkyfeet, Howard pee Pugpants wrote about you on "his" blog the other day - please, don't shoot the messengermom.

  9. How Cool! You've been busy, and I can tell you're having fun! Nice portraits!

  10. Great job with the portraits, James!

  11. Thanks, James, for the honor of the great portrait! Well done!
    I've known Sheila for quite awhile...what a multi talented a sweet heart!
    Thanks for introducing me to Doug. He's a heck of a good artist and a talented writer on hi blog posts.
    I'll hoist a beer in your honor tonight...or 2, or 3, or....

  12. Great portraits, James! I can name them immediately. You are so GOOD at this. Can't imagine doing portraits from those tiny avatar pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  13. Great job with Sheila and Dean. "Cool job" like we say here in Cali.
    Got more? Looking forward to seeing them.

  14. Great portraits, all three James! And good to get to know Douglas Cooper.Cheers!

  15. What am I going to do you with you James!?! Okay, here's a big hug to start. (((James))))

  16. Have to get a word in here - your blog is mind bloggelling. Thanks for creating the smiles that you do. Great portraits, by the way ...

  17. I'd know Sheila's lovely face anywhere. Great job capturing her, it looks just like her photo!