Saturday, March 14, 2009

Following the Masters...A Bruno...and Some Spotlights

Michelle Burnett is a very talented artist. Michelle Burnett is a very smart, industrious young lady. Michelle Burnett is also a big sweetie. A few months back. she introduced me to an art challenge that posted a work of art from a Master painter and asked participating artists to render a painting from that post. She had done a superb piece (see her blog of January 30) based on a work by Alphonse Mucha. I went to that site to try my hand at the challenge, but it had bellied up. I told Michelle about it and joked that she should start a challenge herself, since she didn't have anything to do but sit around and paint all day. Michelle never knows when I'm joking, but she went and put together a SUPER challenge site called Following the Masters. The first challenge is "Narcissus" by John William Waterhouse. My rendering is above...and when you go to the FTM site, you'll notice that my painting looks suspiciously like Deb Kierce's. Deb's features a features a fox. Or it's supposed to be a fox. I had a cute fox kit picture, but through the magic of acrylics and worn out detail brushes, I have miraculously transformed the cute fox into a mutant wombat. And, if you noticed, I removed the large bouquet in her hand and replaced it with a smaller box of McDonald's fries. I patriotically did this in honor of National Bountiful Bosom Week.

Now we have my first Bruno Torf painting. I plan on doing a series of ten 5 x 7's of some of Bruno's sculptures. I have sorta adopted his cause, and if you want to know more, click his name. These are not for sale now, of course, but I hope to try to find a means to auction them off when I get finished with the proceeds going to help him rebuild.

You community of little "artful bloggers" are sure busy painting and caring. Two of you, namely Sheila Tajima and Carrie Jacobson have started a really meaningful project to help our furry friends. Operating currently under the name of Artists for the Animals, and developing a logo that caring artists can stick like a Post-it note on their blog, they are already steam-rolling along. In lieu of a logo, I have posted Sheila's "Bingo" as a poster kitty. Bingo is the firehouse's "guinea pig" to test the reactions of potential pooch pets and see if they're hungry for feline hors d'ouvres. Punch bingo for more details.

Spotlight Blog....Meandering Michael. Several weeks ago, I started participating in another great blog...Every Photo Tells A Story. After my morning "pep prayer, coffee, an
d dance with Matt, I wander over to EPTAS and see what Nancy has posted to write about for the day. And I write something. It's usually humorous, but often it's dead serious. Michael has usually already meandered there and left his droppings. He has a sense of humor that is almost as warped as mine...but he also has a serious side...and a heart of gold. I have been keeping up with his misadventures and ramblings...his delights and his problems...I almost feel like I'm part of the family....Him, Fawn, Jade and Halia.
But he's in the Yukon..a little too chilly for my taste as his photo shows. Michael wrote a neat poem on today's subject for
EPTAS, William Moore's "Invalido". But the post of March 12 "Looking Through The Window" is posted on Windows to the Words Writing. Check it's a tribute to his daughter, Jade, and her struggle with epilepsy...written in the language of EEG. If you visit his blog, be warned...he rambles 84% more than I do.

Windows to the Words Photo has a couple of new photos, including one from Maggie, and another from a friend in Panama. Need more...the kids wanna have a party. And Windows to Words Art could use a few more portraits.

SPECIAL NOTE...I don't like the term "Followers"...sounds like a cult...I use "blogalongs". And when I open my blog and see that list, my heart sings. Each and every blogalong is so very dear to me, and I try to visit and comment as much as possible. And I love to mention and praise and promote the blogs of others. ..that is really more important to me than whatever success I may achieve with my blog. I mean that. Sincerely. When I do plug another blog I call it a "Blog Hug". I hope more folks will do that...sharing is caring. And caring is what it's all about..the "whole enchilada".

And with that in mind, here's a great "Blog Hug". Visit "Every Photo Tells A Story" and view Edward Burton's Painting "Going Home" or ||March 16. (When you're there, you could read my poem "Tweedles" for that painting).

That's it for now. I won't post again till Tuesday. I have got to catch up on stuff and do some housecleaning. My dirty clothes are so bad that Pokey and TacoBelle are wearing clothespins on their noses. And my refrigerator....have you ever seen lettuce in its liquid state? I need a wife. Or at least a live-in maid. Or something. Cya....your buddy in the rainforest....James


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  2. James! I was thinking the same thing about needing a wife, but a "male" wife:) And, unfortunately, I have the same liquid lettuce in my 'frig.

    Your Bruno Torf painting is amazing, and your cause is a great one. I hope he gets a chance to see it?

    The Artists for the Animals is another great cause, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    And, lastly, Michael is one of my favorite people! He's a great guy and family man. He can do everything, even write heartfelt poetry (as well as the humorous ones that you and he have become famous for.)


  3. Great job with the Waterhouse painting - very funny addition to it! And the Bruno Torf painting - looks like he has had quite a few drinks there. Well done, James! Also, thank you for mentioning Sheila and Carrie's wonderful site - I know they'll really appreciate it.

  4. so true! I don't know how you keep so many wonderful blogs up and running. Figured you just never sleep. I'm so busy reading, I haven't painted anything in days. Let me know your adrenaline distributor when you get a chance. Had a belly laugh over Michael's photos of his father and daughter. Thanks!

  5. I'm with L.Holm - I have enough trouble keeping up with one blog. How do you read so many and keep up with all of your own?!

  6. Wonderful Waterhouse Work! :)

    Thanks so much for participating and for nudging me to start the challenge in the first place!

    Great Bruno Torf painting as well. I really enjoyed reading about all the other blogs as well.

  7. I think the painting is beautiful


  8. Hi James, thanks for visiting my place. you have a very interesting blog and your paintings are great! i know, i don't put the 'follow' gadget on my blog and intentionally do so because, well.. i'm weird like that.. :D

  9. hi james

    thank youfor the nice comment. i would love to see the poem. could you email me a url so i can see it?



  10. Howdy James, I don't understand how you can keep up with all your blogs and still visit others... You are amazing. I love to visit here, really enjoyed the party. Thank you so much. Your Narcissus painting is very cool. I recognized your "wig" painting as yours when I saw it and some of the ladies.

  11. I tried to comment earlier - the painting is GREAT - guess if you sell it, you will replace the bouquet. We'll miss you until your next blog.

  12. James: First of all, I didn't realize that was your painting at the top of your post. It is beautiful and shows how diversified you are as an artist. And, lastly, I think my favorite part from your poem today is as follows:

    Melissa and Emmitt came running,
    All tongues, and fur and paws
    Sheila and Carrie there painting,
    Doing artwork for "The Cause"

    Thank you for sharing and always making me laugh!


  13. Thanks for all the cool comments. And, LOL, as far as keeping up with blogs and painting...I fuss at myself for spending so much time playing Pogo games and crossword puzzles. Lots of great coffee, prayers, and youthful vigor, I guess. And a banana or two. Carpe diem.

  14. I love your humorous adaptation of Waterhouse. Now I see where these wonderful Waterhouse paintings are coming from.
    As always, I love reading your blog posts! ... One of your blogalongs

  15. I have seen some of the paintings posted by you here.I would like to see more from you.

    Naval Langa

    An Interesting Blog

  16. oh, but i changed my mind. haha

  17. Whoa! You posted a lot in this one post! Great job on the Narcissus painting James! and your Bruno painting is awesome too! Paint on!!!