Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gimme Dat Cookie...and A Glass of Lemonade

Marianne Ginsberg posted a digital artwork that she had done of a participation project from Wet Canvas. It featured the coatimundi pictured above. Being the snoopy visitor that I am, I had to check it out. So I joined up with Wet Canvas, went to the featured thread, and did a quick coatimundi myself. Known as pizote here in Costa Rica, they are awesome and endearing little creatures. I posted a picture below of a bunch of em I caught on film while at Arenal volcano one day.

They are all female..the guys travel alone. These are probably headed to WalMart. The thread was posted by Bob Cook, an artist from San Marcos, Texas, that I plan on meeting up with shortly. Hi
s Wet Canvas handle is tgsloth and his profile shows him cuddling a full grown bobcat, that is licking his face. How can I resist meeting a guy like that? If ya want to check it out Click Paint It Out.

Cathyann Burgess, the little sweetie, honored me with a Lemonade award. Well, you know that old saying...."When life gives you lemons...Order a Pizza". Or something like that. The award is for artist-bloggers with a positive attitude and gratitude...people who are willing to share their ideas, support and friendship. Cathyann...I am very flattered you think that of me...blush, blush. Thank you so much.

I am to pick 5 or so other artist-bloggers who fit that category, and pass it on to them. Those are....
Manon Doyle
Vern Schwarz
Lauren Maurer
Carol Nelson
Angela Elledge

These folks are to... (1) Post the Logo (2) Pick 5 or so other deserving artist-bloggers (3) List em and Link em (4) Drop em a notification comment and give em a hug, and (5) Sit back and have a cup of coffee...or a glass of lemonade, as the case may be.

More great children portraits on Windows to the Words Art...including Gwen Bell and Diana Marshall. Check it out...2 days left.

See ya down the Road..................James

Daily Thoughts ... Appreciate your failures, as well as your victories. For it through our failures, that
we are shown the path to victory.


  1. Aw, what an adorable painting of the coatimundi:) I thought it was a raccoon from my dashboard. Congrats on another award, James, and you choose some well deserved people like yourself.

  2. Cute babies!!! Congrats on receiving the lemonade award. You deserve it, as do the great folk on your list.

  3. The painting of coatimundi is terrific James! I have to admit that I've never heard of them! The females are smart to go it!
    Thanks for the Lemonade award! It made my night!!

  4. Very cute critters, James, and a great painting. Congrats on receiving the lemonade award!

  5. I see the females are attractive to you. Always a good sign James whatever mammal we may be talking about eh?

  6. I loved that first shot. It's so cute and adorable! Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  7. yes, those little animals are very cute and your painting is a good one.

  8. Oh my goodness that is cute. I never even heard of a coatimindi.

  9. Those coatis are so cute. The SF Zoo has only two. It would be awesome to see so many at the same time, and they all are female! Your painting is adorable. I might join this challenge at Wet Canvas.

  10. Thanks James! And congrats! p.s. I am really excited to see the next challenge!

  11. I love the response Vern gave and especially the title he bestowed upon you !!!!!

  12. That was cute James, very cute and adorable.

  13. Much congrats to you James for a well deserved award; I think all of us here would agree that you are a most positive and supportive person and we're all happy to know you! Great painting of the little gals, I don't think I have ever seen those guys before. Thank you for passing on the Lemonade Award on to me; I think I will enjoy a little glass myself.