Sunday, March 8, 2009

FUNNY FOTOS Blog 1 , March 8

Welcome to my blog party. Most of the time I am a serious artist. Well, most of the time I am an artist. OK, make that most of the time I try to be an artist. But I like to have fun. If I can bring a smile to someone or brighten their day, it's better than selling a painting. Really.

This party blog consists of 5 (five) posts and an intermission. I hope you'll check em all out...including and particularly the intermission. I probably spent more time on this than Henri Matisse spent painting that painting of his that just went for 31 million. But he's gone on to higher canvasses and I'm still here with mine, so that's neat. So grab some popcorn and, hopefully, get a smile or two.. If ya like it, blog your buddies and tell em to come visit and LEAVE COMMENTS...that warms the cockles of my heart (and everyone needs their cockles warmed, I guess). Got plenty of great Costa Rican coffee, bananas and galletas, so sit back and enjoy.

Rare Photo of Karin Jurick after posting DSFDF submissions for the week

Mine's the red one with the two wheels

The very sad thing about this photo is that the gentleman in white is a Karate master who is in an incredibly terrible mood.

You saw it here first! Obama's secret plan to finance the next war we stumble into.

NOTICE!!! The following are N rated...Naughty but
not too naughty.

I'm guilty...arrest me, frisk me!!! One reason our jails are overcrowded.

No caption Necessary

Boys will be boys...thankfully.

For some reason, maybe it's the expression, but this is one of my all time favorite funny fotos. I can just hear dat big ole seal, cwying bout losing hims bucket.

Coming Up Next....Dogs and Cats and Grins


  1. What a great way to start Sunday! This blog party rocks! I've sat here in awe, I've laughed and I've cried..... for Bruno! I'm going to go through it again and show my friends!!

  2. James, you are having WAY too much fun!!! These are hilarious!

  3. OMG these are really funny! I especially like the April Fool's joke. lol

  4. Little tweedles here is still thinking about this- bring in my buddies!

  5. Still enjoying your blog party...The one of Karin is great! :)

  6. That one of Karin rocks!

    Hey, you've been awarded the "Fabulous Blog Award"!

    Guess you know how these things work: Pass it on to 5 other fabulous bloggers in a post receiving this award. Include the person giving you the award and link it back to them. List 5 of your Fab Addictions in your post. Copy and Paste the rules in the post." Blah-de-blah-blah.