Sunday, March 1, 2009

Subtle Reminder I Have Posted on My Refrigerator Door

What Do These Women Have in Common? Answer Below...Don't Peek.

This is cowardly attempt to distract you from my previous post. So don't look at my previous post. Pretend my previous post doesn't exist. I'm certainly trying to ignore my previous post which has all the earmarks of a disastrous initiative.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Answer...Small Feet


  1. OH My ! I don't know what to say !!!!

  2. Gosh, James, didn't know you had so many girlfriends! And they all seem to get along!

  3. LOL, R...that's just 4 of em...the rest wouldn't fit in the picture. Dominique, Michelle...yeah, I'm speechless too.

  4. I personally recomend the South Beach Diet.