Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Commissioned Portrait and Fabulous Blog Award

Great Blog Party (March 8) and so many thanks for those that attended. Back to work and time to get serious.....just kidding.

I've just started out with portraits. My only serious ones were of Adebanji, Ana, and my sister. Adebanji thought his was good, but I added a few years to his age. Ana won't let her portrait out of her sight. In fact she was so happy with hers that she....never mind. I wasn't happy with my sister's but she was. Course she's so nice and agreeable, she would say it's lovely if I made her look like Fidel Castro.

A friend of my associate, Jim, came to me and wanted a portrait of his wife, Mariella. So I took a few pictures, and showed em to him, but he said he wanted her hair down, not tied back like the photos. Next time she was in, I went to take photos, but my camera wouldn't cooperate. So I just looked at her and made a big production of moving her head around fluffing her hair around, so I could get "the feel" of the mood (yeh, right ;-)

Anyway, the finished project is shown above, along with the reference photo. I say finished, but I went back and detailed her right hand and a few minor touch-ups. He has seen it and loves it. I have no idea how much he'll pay me cause I'm leaving it up to him...I'll let ya know...it's a 12 x 16 acrylic on canvas. My associate, Jim, commented that my female subjects were certainly well endowed, and asked if I was a dirty old man. Well...yes.

I was surprised and delighted when I got a message that I had been chosen for the "Fabulous Blog Award". R. Garriott was the bestower, and I am honored. I've admired R's work for its crispness, attention to detail and professional quality. If you haven't been to R's blog just click. The guidelines are that I am to list my 5 favorite addictions and then pass the award to 5 other recipients. So.....

My 5 Favorite addictions, aside from painting, are:

(1) Humor... To see a person smile and enjoy the moment means so much to me. There is, and always has been, serious things, sad things, and tragedy in this human life of ours. But we should never let those things blind us to the wondrous joys and delight around us. I try to be humorous in my blogs, and sometimes go overboard. So sue me. :-)

(2) Music... From DeBussy to Rush, Enya to ColdPlay, Enigma to Alan Parsons, Tangerine Dream to Yanni. I love music. Most kinds, but I mentioned in an earlier blog, Rap is only appropriate when I'm constipated. Far and above all others is The Moody Blues..they are masters. The music is great, but the words are sheer wisdom and poetry. Those that don't have music in their lives, just aren't in tune with the Universe, in my book.

(2 and a half) Reading...speaking of books, I make it a point to read at least one book a week. I'm currently rereading Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael" and "My Ishmael" ...if you ever wondered how we came to be the way we are, read them. And then Ken Follett is my all time favorite...I gotta meet him someday. And I can't forget Ted Dekker (The Circle Trilogy) ...the Stephen King of Christian writers.

(3) Nature... the world is full of wonders. Every day I wake up, I'm like a child, eyes wide open in expectation for what new and marvelous thing may come my way. I grow old, but I'll never grow up.

(4) My Family and Friends... as much as I love Central America, I'm too far away from my family. I have friends all over the place...they are truly cherished...worth more than all the treasures in the cosmos.

(5) My Faith...I put Faith and Family last, but they're first. Paul said "to pray without ceasing". In a way, I try to do that...some times I get so caught up in "The World" that I stray from "Father"...but I know He's never strayed from me.

Now...My 5 choices for THE FABULOUS BLOG AWARD (envelope, please)

OOH LA LA Design Studio

Daily Paintings by Jane Hunt



Artist Victoria O'Neill

Once again, thanks for the visits and great comments on the March 8 Blog Party. Pokey and TacoBelle got a doggie treat for each comment. Tomorrow they go on a diet. If you know someone who needs a smile send him over to March 8 .


  1. I think you did a fine job considering the quality of the photo. You're filling in the hands, hair and background were awesome. He better pay you well!

  2. You have done a great job! You practically created more than 50% of the painting.
    It's so nice to read about your 5 addictions. They are all sweet.

  3. You did a super job and added much needed imagination. Nice!!!!

  4. James, I like the twinkle in her eyes!
    Working from photos is a handicap and you did well.
    Thanks for the kind words on my blog today.. Just sent your site to a very dear friend of mine, this very minute!Good Karma, that you appeared.
    Hope you are well paid for this image!Bravo on the commission.

  5. Congrats and nice job James! You caught a wonderful expression on her face..=]

  6. Hey James! How are you doing??? What a pleasant surprise this morning!!! Thanks so much for the fabulous blog award! God bless you for your kind. I will post it ! I want to talk about your painting! It's just so fantastic and marvelous my friend. I love that red up against her skin! This is so very, very, glamorous and beautiful! You captured her spirit too. Great work you have done. This is very we done my friend. EXCELLENT work!!!!

  7. I'm sure Mariella as well as her husband will be delighted with the portrait - such a sweet expression on her face - you captured her smile and makes you want to smile back.

  8. A well deserved award and a great portrait. Your love of life comes through in everything you do and shows in this. Love reading your blog, but I must admit you lost this person on your Taco Belle meanderings!

  9. great portrait, james!
    and thank you for the fabulous nod... i've suddenly found myself with a tight deadline on a job so it might be a day or two before i get back the blog. when i do, i'll do a fabulous post.

  10. I think you did a wonderful job James. I agree with Vanessa...she looks very glamorous indeed!

  11. Great job James! Congrats on the commission!
    I'm also a music lover... keeps me inspired!! Rap is good for constipation... lol....not for a headache!

  12. Jame's, thanks so much for the award - feel really honored. What a great idea! It may take me a couple of days to do it justice on my blog (sick kiddo) but I'm excited to pass the award on.
    The portrait is great - very warm colors and fantastic likeness!

  13. I love to read anything written by Terry Pratchett. On the surface, they are fantasy stories, with witches, vampires, etc., but there is so much below the surface. I think you would like his sense of humor.

    Congrats on the great work!

  14. Pokey here. Stinkyfeet, my masterbuddy...you know him as James Parker...should be writing this, but he's off somewhere in LaLaland. When he gets a bunch of nice comments like these, he goes outside and sits there with a stupid grin on his face, like a complete bozo. I don't understand it, but I like it, cause when he gets these nice comments, TacoBelle and me eat REAL good.

  15. She's a beauty, and you really captured her vivacious spirit. Nice work!

  16. congratulations on your portrait commission James. It's a wonderful portrait of Mariella, and handled with panache even without as much reference coverage as you wanted.