Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ACEOs...Tiny Treasures or Little Litter?

From the time I was six, I've been an avid stamp collector. Back then I was also an avid bubble gum chewer. My favorite gum came with these stupid cards with baseball player pictures on them...guys I'd never heard of..Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Yogi Berra. I traded em with my buddies for stamps. Those stamps today are worth a few pennies. The baseball cards are today worth ('s too painful to recount). Anyway, on the intelligence and foresight scale, that rates me a minus seventeen. A baseball card and an ACEO are the same size...2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. ACEO (artist collectible edition originals) caught my attention a while back, and I thought "wow, get rich quick". I was going to sell em on EBay starting with the first one at one dollar, the second for two bucks, and so on. By the end of a year, those puppies should be going for over 300 smackeroos each. Well, that idea got filed with other old brainstorms of mine, like spinach cheesecake and bottomless coffee cups for insomniacs. I did a jillion of em tho, and still do them. I have a hundred or so drawn, color blocked in, and awaiting the detailing and finishing touches. In that state of readiness, I can carry a dozen with me, along with my paints and brushes, set up in a park or quiet, public place, display a number of finished ACEOs, spread a palette, and complete 5 or 6 a day while countless multitudes surround me in awed murmurs of ooohs and aaahs. Yeah right.
But there is a fascination with art done small. Most of the submissions to DSFDF are small, if not miniature. There is a place for large wall-size artwork (usually on a wall) and there is a place for groupings of smaller works. Smaller works don't sell for as much but I think they sell more readily...the operative word being SELL. I posted just a few of my ACEOs above. The comics are not for sale because they are MINE. They are also copyrighted. I do them as tender and loving relics of a more simple, more carefree time, and I want to prevent those fond memories from slipping away like tears in the rain. All the others are for sale if anybody's interested.


  1. Beautiful ACEO, You should post them on e-Bay.

  2. James, Your ACEO's definitely treasures! Fun comics too. I agree with Dominique that you should list them. They are sure to be collectible!