Friday, January 16, 2009

Surf's Up...And My Dander

Cartoons used to be my fave. I had cartoons in the yearbook. Cartoons in my school and college newspapers. Cartoons papering the walls of my study. I did this one this morning, and I see I need to practice up and buy some new pens. I usually liked to have my cartoons have an underlying theme that you could take and build a conversation around. Or a sermon. Or a philosophical discussion. This cartoon is no exception, so here it is.
A few blogs ago, I had posted a dolphin painting, and went on about the intelligence of dolphins and other creatures we consider lower life forms. I remember watching Lassie, the collie on TV. Every week, Timmy, the little bozo kid that owned Lassie, would get in a mess of trouble. Every week, Lassie would go back to Mom and Pop and bark, whine, grovel and do handstands trying to tell them that Timmy was in trouble. Mom and Pop would always come up with..."My, Lassie, you're feelin' frisky today". " Hey girl, got a new boyfriend?" or "What's the matter, Lassie, something wrong?" Now, since Lassie always stuck to Timmy like glue, don't you think the folks would notice that the bratty little kid wasn't around. I finally got fed up and quit watching...they should have let Lassie write the scripts. The dolphin in the cartoon is trying to tell the people that there is imminent danger. The people are in MuuMuuLand or somewhere. The analogy here is that our environmental problems, endangered species and climate change indicators are telling us something is wrong. We discuss, debate, rationalize and study the problems and take token actions here and there. We may wait till it's too late. I had a friend say "well, it's not certain that humans are causing climate changes. Not the point. If there's just the teeniest possiblity that we are the cause, we can't take that chance and continue on our wasteful, selfish and thoughtless course. I do get serious when I talk about the needless damage done to our home. This Earth of ours wasn't inherited from our fathers, but borrowed from our children and grandchildren. I want them to be able to enjoy its beauty. Amen


  1. Is that a real picture of the wave behind the kids ?

    Great cartoon .

  2. I've wondered that myself. Hope not.