Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bro..Can Ya Spare a Mackrel?

On their "Cross of Changes" album, Enigma had a song called "Man is the Dream of the Dolphin". I am assuming that means that the average dolphin actually desires some of the characteristics of man....the ability to walk and talk and watch TV. To play ping pong and carry around a cell phone. Well, maybe not. But there is something almost magical about dolphins. When I was growing up in Louisiana and Texas, I loved the ferries at Galveston and Cameron. The dolphins would follow along, leaping out of the water in apparent joy. Or maybe they were trying to get our attention and tell us something. You seldom see any nowadays. I feel sure there probably aren't as many. Maybe they discovered that we aren't as interesting as they thought. Or, quite likely, they're disgusted with us for crapping in their living room.
Dolphins are quite intelligent. They don't really know how intelligent, though. If a one celled organism without a brain was discovered on Mars, we would spend umpteen jillion dollars trying to find out more about it. Studies of intelligence in "lower life forms" on this planet gets chump change. Go figure. Some fields of study do say that dolphins may actually be as smart as humans. That could be an insult to the dolphins.
Anyway, I really enjoyed painting this little fellow, and I plan on doing a few more dolphin pieces. This is an 9x12 acrylic on canvas and is available for sale.

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